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Catherine Mooty’s Net Worth: Her Marriage With Troy Aikman

Catherine Mooty is a businesswoman and a fashion icon. Mooty is also famous as the ex-wife of Troy Aikman, ex-quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys. The ex-couple was married for over five years.

But what went wrong between Aikman and Mooty? Were there any messy betrayals? Know the truth in addition to a full bio of Catherine including her family, how she met Aikman, does she have a new husband, and what she is currently doing.

Catherine Mooty’s Net Worth Is A Lot Less Than Her Ex-Hubby

Well, she is a successful businesswoman and has amassed a net worth of $3 million. However, her fortune is a lot less compared to her ex-husband Troy. The former NFL player is huge with a net worth of $65 million as of 2024.

She Has Her Own Clothing Line

Mooty is the co-founder of the mobile boutique Luxeliner. She launched the high-end mobile apparel business alongside the Cowboys owner Jerry Jones’ daughter, Charlotte Jones Anderson. Her boutique sells clothes and accessories. Luxeliner has branches across several states and also in a few other countries.

Catherine Mooty and her ex-husband Troy Aikman via Instagram
Troy Aikman’s ex-wife Catherine is the owner of the mobile boutique company, Luxeliner. Instagram

In addition to entrepreneur, she is also a philanthropist. Back in early 2022, Aikman’s ex participated in a charity event from the host, the Sadie Keller Foundation. The organization helps families get funds for cancer treatment.

Her Relationship With Troy Aikman

Catherine and Aikman started dating in Feb 2016. The following year, Troy asked Catherine to marry him in Lake Como, Italy in the summer of 2017.

Troy Aikman and Catherine Mooty at their wedding in Sep 2017
Catherine and Troy Aikman married in Sep 2017 in Santa Barbara, California. Instagram

They married the same year in Sep. The wedding took place in Santa Barbara, California on the beach outside the hotel at the Baltimore Four Seasons. The venue also served for Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries’ wedding. The location also has Oprah Winfrey and Gwyneth Paltrow’s estates.

Catherine Mooty and Troy Aikman during their vacation in Italy
Aikman and Catherine got engaged in July 2017. Instagram

The couple’s big day was intimate and rather brief. The ex-footballer and the businesswoman had their reception inside the luxury resort that had Spanish architecture and gardens.

While Mooty and Aikman were husband and wife for six years, the couple didn’t produce any children together. The two though have two children each from their respective previous relationships. Both the duo have a loving relationship with each other’s kids. Aikman once even served as a coach for Capa’s sons.

The Reason Behind Mooty And Aikman’s Separation

It is unclear why they decided to end their union but they reportedly separated around 2020. They got divorced in the summer of 2023. The separation news came two months after the people had seen Troy with his new girlfriend, Haley Clark. Clark is 22 years younger than Catherine’s ex-husband.

Despite the separation, Capa continues to use Troy’s last name across social media.

Catherine Mooty Was Married To Someone Else Before Troy

Before Aikman, Mooty was married to Jerry Mooty, the nephew of the Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. The two were married from 2000 to 2011 divorcing officially in 2013.

Jones is an attorney in luxury real estate. He is the founding member of McCathern and Mooty LLP. Aikman’s former spouse and Jones seem to be on amicable terms as the two often get together for their sons. Jerry is now married to another woman.

Catherine Mooty with her son, Luke in June 2023
Mooty with her son, Luke. Instagram

As mentioned, Capa and Jerry also are parents to two sons, Val and Luke. Val was born on July 4, 2001, while the latter was born on November 7, 2003. Capa’s eldest son, Val is in a music career and has also released a song of his own. Mooty’s other son went to the Episcopal School of Dallas also where his step-sister and Troy’s daughter Alexa studied.

Similar to his ex-wife, Troy, too was previously married to another woman, Rhonda Worthey.

Relationship Status In 2024

She doesn’t seem to have a husband at the moment. Furthermore, she also appears to be out of any romantic game. Her singleness is quite evident on her Instagram and other similar fronts. The Texan is enoughly active on social media where she likes to post about her family and friends but Capa hasn’t divulged anything with respect to the subject of who she is dating.

While she uses Instagram to mark milestones and post about travels very often, Mooty has always appeared far from sharing anything about her dating life. As for now, Catherine seems busy being a mother and maybe focusing on her ventures.

Birth Details And Family

Catherine Capa Mooty was born on October 13, 1970, in Dallas. She is the daughter of George J Person and Pam. Not much is known about Capa’s childhood or her parents but Aikman’s ex apparently is very close to her folks. She often mentions her father and mother on her Instagram profile. Capa occasionally shares pictures of her parents on her Ig handle.

From left, George, Catherine Mooty, Luke, and Pam
From left, George, Catherine, her son, Luke, and mother, Pam. Instagram

As such back in June 2022, the blonde ex-NFL wag, via her Ig post, referred to her father as the family’s North Star. She also admired her father’s “corny” sense of humor and said how blessed she was to have him as her father.

Her father, George J Person is an oil and gas law lawyer who operates from San Antonio, Texas.