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Alexa Marie Aikman’s Biological Parents: Life of Troy Aikman’s Daughter

Alexa Marie Aikman is a college student at Southern Methodist University. To the larger audience, Alexa or Ally is famous as the daughter of Troy Aikman, ex-quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys. She is one of the daughters of Aikman and his former wife Rhonda Worthey.

Alexa looks very close to her father. Troy, however, hardly talks about his daughter. Ally nonetheless does have some followers of her own. She might be one of the most searched-for NFL kids on the internet. Know if she really has something interesting to say about her life. Also, read what she’s been up to and how her transition into adulthood has been so far.

Alexa Marie Aikman Played Varsity Volleyball In High School

Alley studied at The Episcopal School Of Dallas. Similar to her father, she was into sports during high school. She also played volleyball at the Episcopal and has ranked 1592nd in the national and 171st in Texas.

Following high school, she went to Southern Methodist Church University.

From left, Alexa, Troy, and Jordan
From left, Alexa Marie Aikman with her father, Troy, and sister, Jordan.

Alexa was born on July 30, 2002, in Plano, Texas. Speaking a bit about her lineage, she is the granddaughter of Charlyn and Kenneth Aikman (also Troy’s parents). Her grandfather was a resilient welder and construction foreman while her grandmother, Charlyn was a Long Beach, California native.

Likewise, she also has an older sister, Jordan Aikman. He is currently a member of the Public Relations Student Of America.

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She Is A Business Student

Troy’s daughter Alexa is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration and Management at Cox School of Business. Still a college student but she has quite an impressive resume. She has interned and volunteered at various companies and organizations.

Likewise, she was also into giving back to the community. At the beginning of her life at the University, Aikman’s daughter joined the United Way of Metropolitan Dallas office. There she involved herself and learned about nonprofit operations.

Troy Aikman's daughter Alexa in Dec 2020 via her Facebook
Alexa studies business at Southern Methodist University. Facebook

Later, Alexa co-founded a branch of the UWMD with her sister, Jordan. The group focused on helping high school students find ways to give back to their community in Dallas.

She furthermore interned at Allie Beth Allman as an Associate for two months. There she gained experience in real estate. Following this, she took on the role of a Camp Counselor, where her responsibilities included devising, co-coordinating, and overseeing various activities for campers.

Her tenure in this role equipped her with a notable set of skills encompassing effective communication, adept management, and strong leadership. These skills are definitely going to serve her well in her upcoming career in the business sector.

Similarly, Alexa has also interned at Mary Beth Wager Interiors and Andrews Distributing. Besides, she is a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority. She is set to complete her degree in 2025.

Does Alexa Have A Boyfriend?

Alexa doesn’t seem to have a boyfriend, at least speaking solely from her Facebook feeds. While the retired footballer’s daughter does exist on social media, she doesn’t have revealed much about her personal matters on such fronts. Furthermore, she hasn’t appeared much in public gatherings where she might have at least given a clue about her love life.

Alexa with her father, Troy, and sister, Jordan
Alexa, Troy, and Jordan on Instagram in Feb, 2022. Instagram

On the other hand, considering the fact that she is already a college student, it’s very probable that Ally does have a boyfriend. Or she at least has been in a relationship or two. Nevertheless, for the time being, Ally remains mysterious regarding her private affairs.

She Is Close To Her Father And Other Family Members

She shares a close relationship with her father, Troy, mother, Rhonda, and stepmother, Catherine Mooty. Mooty, too, often mentions Ally on her socials. In 2021, Catherine wished Alexa a happy birthday on her Instagram. The post also included pictures of them smiling into the camera.

From left, Rhonda, Ally, Jordan, and Troy in July 2020
From right, Troy, Jordan, Ally, and Rhonda at Jordan’s graduation in July 2020. Facebook

Mooty is Troy Aikman’s second wife. They married in 2017. Aikman and Mooty however got divorced in the summer of 2023. Before, Catherine Mooty, Troy was married to Alexa’s mother, Rhonda Worthey. They married in 2000 and got divorced in 2011.

Alexa’s father, Troy is now in a relationship with his girlfriend Haley Clark. Clark, born in 1989, is 22 years younger than Aikman.