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Mike Ditka’s Ex-Wife Marge Ditka: What Is She Doing Now?

The famous American football player and coach, Mike Ditka, was once married to Marge Ditka. The lady holds a special place, as she is the former player’s first wife. Sadly, the ex-pair parted ways long ago.

Have you ever wondered why Marge, the ex-spouse of a renowned celebrity, is not frequently seen in public? Are you curious about her interests and what she has been up to? If so, you’re in luck, as this article closely examines her life stories to provide you with all the answers you seek.

Marge Ditka Is From Richardson, Texas

The ex-wife of the retired NFL coach was born on February 1939 in the city of Richardson, located in the state of Texas in the United States. She was born as Margey Dougherty. However, details regarding her date of birth and parents are yet to be revealed.

Marge Ditka Was Married To Mike Ditka

It is natural for young people to start their love life from high school. The same happened with the ex-husband and wife. They met during high school and soon began dating, sharing their passions, interests, and dreams. Eventually, they decided to take the next step and tied the knot on January 28, 1961.

Mike Ditka had a minor stroke in 2012
Young Mike Ditka

Although they were college sweethearts, the one-time couple decided to separate after being married for twelve years.

They Are Proud Parents Of Four

The former duo Marge and Mike has shared great times and memories during their days together, including the births of their four kids. They shared the joy of being parents for the first time when their eldest son, Mark Ditka, was born. The joy continued as the proud mother gave birth to the other three kids, Mattew Ditka, Mike Ditka Jr., and Megan Ditka.

Even though Mike and Margey didn’t work out as a couple, they’re still amazing parents. After their separation, they continued to prioritize the well-being of their children. Their love for the kids grew stronger as they navigated the complexities of co-parenting.

What Happened To Their Marriage?

Despite sharing their lives for many years, the previous partners couldn’t continue their relationship. Sadly, they parted ways after having four children together. Many internet sources have stated that the past footballer couldn’t give enough time to his family because of his busy schedule as a famous sportsperson. As a result, his marriage ended on September 21, 1973.

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Marge Ditka Works As A Special Event Coordinator At Church

Other than being the ex-wife of a renowned sports personality, the mother of four kids also has her interests and profession. She works as a director of special events at Stonebriar Community Church. The church is located in Frisco, Texas.

Till 2010, she had already worked in church for ten years and was still happy to continue her work. The kind lady has actively served the church with her excellent work and continuous involvement.

She Inspires People With Her Kindness

As a religious individual, Margey possesses a powerful personality with immense kindness. Most people who visit the church where she works tend to admire and feel inspired by her.

Sculptor made by taking Marge ditka as role model
Bronze sculptor inspired by Marge Ditka

Among them, a sculptor named Robert Hiogan, who also happens to be Marge’s friend, made a beautiful bronze sculpture of a person gardening. The sculpture is named “GOD’S HELPER.” The artist posted a picture of it on his Facebook and stated that  Marge was his role model for making the art piece.

What Is Marge Ditka’s Net Worth?

The church coordinator earns enough to live a comfortable life. But still, the kind heart likes to dedicate her time to volunteer work. Instead of indulging in a lavish lifestyle, she chooses to direct her resources towards making a positive impact in the lives of others.

In contrast, the woman’s former romantic partner, Mike Ditka, boasts an estimated net worth of $30 million. He was a highly skilled football player during his time and transitioned into a successful coach, earning widespread recognition and significant wealth. His talent and dedication to his craft have paid off handsomely.

Ditka’s Eldest Son Was Charged With DUI

In 2012, the eldest son of Marge and Mike, Mark, was arrested by Deerfield police and charged with DUI (Driving Under the Influence). As proof, police found some unmarked bottles of hydrocodone pills in his car. Furthermore, the officers stated that the culprit refused to take any breath analyzer or blood tests.

Mike Ditka's eldest son
Marge’s eldest son, Mark arrested

It was not the first time he had faced legal trouble as he was previously accused of driving an uninsured vehicle on a suspended license, and to make matters worse, he was driving in an unauthorized lane. Luckily, Mike’s son confessed, and the case was closed afterward, after taking required action against him.