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Rhonda Worthey’s Net Worth: Full Bio

Rhonda Worthey is an ex-NFL publicist and a television host. She is better known as the former wife of Troy Aikman, ex-quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys. Worthey and Aikman were husband and wife for a little over a decade. When they were married, the couple was one of the more photographed sports pairs in Dallas and even across the country.

While Aikman is still on camera and the fame even after retirement, his ex-wife Worthey has long said goodbye to public attention. Over the years, she has become a somewhat forgotten name similar to other exes of the NFL players. But what her life has been since her divorce from Aikman has been a point of contention for years. Know what Worthey really has been up to these days in addition to her net worth and more.

Rhonda Worthey’s Net Worth

It is unsettled what actually is the net worth of Rhonda Worthey but sources argue that she is at least six figures rich. As such, she is on the list of ex-wives of footballers who have received quite a lot in the divorce settlements. In the case of Troy and Rhonda, the former paid around $1.75 million to the latter as part of their split agreement. The further intricacies of the settlement were never made public but rumor has it that Worthey also gained a lot behind the scenes.

Rhonda also has a $1.5 million house in Texas. Safe to say, Worthey is living anyhow but an average American citizen particularly when it comes to finances.

As for Troy, the sum of $1.75 million shouldn’t be much of a concern as, at the time of the divorce, the retired footballer was worth a reported $25 million net worth.

Rhonda Worthey Is A Texan

She was born in Nov 1968 in Paris, Texas. Worthey is the daughter of the late Ricky Duane Jordan and Sharon. She also has a sister named Angela Wyatt.

Former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman and his ex-wife Rhonda Worthey
Rhonda Worthey with her ex-husband Troy Aikman. Getty

Nevertheless, not much is known about Worthey’s early life besides the aforesaid facts. While she remained in the spotlight for a fair share of time, Aikman’s ex hardly revealed anything about her upbringing or her folks and siblings.

Some sources nonetheless assume she spent the majority of her childhood in Paris, Texas. It however is a mystery what high school and college she attended.

How Rhonda Worthey Met Troy Aikman?

Worthey and Aikman crossed paths when they were both working for the Dallas Cowboys during the 90s. Aikman at the time was the star quarterback of the Cowboys while Worthey was the team’s publicist.

The two kept their dating phase a secret.

Troy Aikman and his ex-wife Rhonda Worthey at the Benefit Gala for the SU Si Newhouse School in New York
Aikman and Worthey got married in April 2008. Getty

The couple married on April 8, 2000. The wedding took place in Plano, the suburb of north Dallas, Aikman’s hometown. The ceremony was intimate yet the reception had a larger crowd.

Before their big day, Troy and Rhonda had a rehearsal dinner which had attendees including Daryl Johnston, Bill Bates, Emmitt Smith, Mark Stepnoski, and Kevin Gogan.

Worthey And Aikman Are Parents To Two Daughters

During their marriage, The former love birds became parents to two daughters. The couple welcomed their first girl, Jordan Ashley Aikman in Aug 2001. They had their second daughter, Alexa Marie Aikman in July 2002. Alexa is also known as Ally Aikman.

Their Union Ended In The Early 2010s

Troy and Rhonda announced they were separating on Jan 24, 2011. The two finalized their divorce the same year on April 12.

They didn’t divulge the reason behind their separation but issued a public statement saying that they remained deeply committed to their children.

Troy Aikman and Rhonda Worthey at The Barnstable Brown Party in April 2004
Worthey and Aikman in April 2004 at The Barnstable Brown Party. Getty

During the settlement, Worthey gave up her stake in the family mansion. She however did get some assets, for instance, a home in Dallas worth $1.5 million

Rhonda Worthey Was Married Before Meeting Troy

Aikman wasn’t the first husband of Worthey. Before meeting the Cowboys’ no. 8, Rhonda was already a divorcee. Furthermore, she had a daughter named Rachel from her previous marriage. She was nine when Worthey married Troy Aikman. Rhonda however has never mentioned who the father of her first daughter is. In fact, unlike her two daughters from Aikman, Worthey hardly talks about the girl she had from her first marriage.

Rhonda Worthey Arrest

In August 2012, Rhonda went on to have a run-in with the law when the police arrested her for public intoxication in a high school parking lot in Texas. The police were investigating a suspicious car in McMillen High School’s parking lot when they found Rhonda in the driver’s seat. The car wasn’t running. After the police had found her, Worthey fumbled out of the car and the officials discovered a strong odor of alcohol.

The mugshot of Rhonda Worthey
Rhonda got arrested in Aug 2012 for public intoxication in a high school parking lot. TMZ

The police reported that Aikman’s ex-wife could barely control her body movement. They found two bottles of alcohol, a prescription drug, and a small dog in the car. Sometime afterward, the police took Rhonda to the station and later let her go in exchange for 30 days probation.

What Happened To Rhonda After Her Divorce From Aikman; Does She Have A New Husband?

Worthey has kept a low profile since her separation from Aikman. The aforesaid arrest was the last time she ever managed to have her name in the headlines.

Assumptions abound, she also shares family time with her ex-husband. As such in 2020 she appeared alongside Troy for one of their daughters’ graduation.

From left, Rhonda, Ally, Jordan, and Troy in July 2020
From right, Troy, Jordan, Ally, and Rhonda at Jordan’s graduation in July 2020. Facebook

Some sources say Rhonda has been a single woman for years now. Additionally, her seemingly active Facebook does describe her as a single woman. She, however, did date someone after ending her marriage with Troy.

Apparently, during the aforesaid arrest of Worthey, she was dating a man. This guy, according to the police, said Worthey was on her way to see her mother before ending up in the parking lot.

The identity of this man however never made it to the public’s knowledge.

Although not much is known about her current dating life, Worthey does love to post about her daughters on social media. In 2021, she Facebook posted a picture of her daughter,  Jordan to congratulate her wedding.

Aikman, on the other hand, married Catherine Capa Mooty in 2017.

What Does Rhonda Worthey Do Now; Her Career?

According to her Facebook, Worthey is now working as an executive assistant at Key Development LLC. In the past, Aikman’s ex-wife was mostly a sports correspondent.¬†Worthey began by first working in Public Relations for the Cowboys in 1992.

She once was also reported to become cast in the Real Housewives Of Dallas. However, due to multiple delays, she couldn’t star in the Bravo reality series.

As for the present, it has been reported that Worthey has been staying in Texas for quite some years now.