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Payton Pritchard’s Both Parents Were Athletes at Oklahoma University

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Payton Pritchard’s parents Terry and Mellisa Pritchard passed down a legacy of athleticism and strong family values that has helped the Celtics star excel in his career. The duo’s sports background and nurturing home environment set the stage for Payton’s rise in basketball.

Even though Terry and Melissa couldn’t have a stellar professional career, they did their best to ensure their son would go much higher than they went. Now, Payton has achieved what their parents have dreamed of and the player frequently becomes the hot topic among the basketball fans. But, his parents, who have always been with him through the years, don’t get much media attention.

So, let’s explore the lives of Payton’s parents in today’s article.

Payton Pritchard’s Father Is An Oklahoma Native

Payton’s father, Terry Pritchard was born and bred in Moore, Oklahoma. Terry was born on January 9, 1967, and he is 57 years old as of 2024. He graduated from Moore High School and then studied business administration and management at the University of Oklahoma from 1985 to 1989.

In high school, Terry played both football and basketball, but he preferred football to basketball in college. Terry had received a football scholarship and played as a tight end. Terry only played in his freshman and sophomore years.

Payton's father Terry Pritchard is a former college basketball player
Payton’s father Terry Pritchard is a former college basketball player

As part of the college team, he won the National Champions in 1985, and Big Eight Champions in 1985 and 1988.

His Mother, Melissa Was A Gymnast – Her Family

Payton’s mother, Melissa was born in San Jose, California on August 27, 1974. Her parents, who grew up in the Bay Area, moved to Portland, Oregon when she was just two. Melissa’s dad was a builder while her mother was in software and accounting. She grew up in Oregon with her two sisters.

Melissa fell in love with gymnastics while growing up. She started the sport when she was six. She said that she was diagnosed with ADHD as a child and instead of putting her on medications, her mother decided to put in gymnastics and Girl Scouts and track.

Terry Pritchard and his wife Melissa Pritchard
Terry Pritchard and his wife Melissa Pritchard

Melissa soon excelled at gymnastics and when she was 11, she moved to Eugene to get better training facilities.

Melissa studied at Woodrow Wilson High School and continued gymnastics throughout. Later she got a full scholarship for gymnastics at the University of Oklahoma. She graduated with a BS degree.

Payton Pritchard’s Parents Have Been Together Since College

As mentioned before, Pritchard’s mom and dad both attended the University of Oklahoma and it was the place where the husband and wife crossed their paths. There isn’t much detail about their love life, but we can safely say they started dating in college and have been inseparable ever since.

The duo got married in the mid-1990s and when Melissa was 22 years old, she got pregnant with their first child, Anthony. Besides, Anthony and Payton, they have two daughters, Taylor and Lexie Pritchard.

Payton Pritchard's with his parents and three kids
Payton Pritchard’s with his parents and three kids

Three of the four children of the Pritchards received Division 1 athletic scholarships for basketball with Payton playing in the NBA and another one in the G-league.

What Are Payton Pritchard’s Parents Up To These Days?

Well, Payton’s mother, Melissa is the senior sales manager at Avalara. According to her LinkedIn profile, her mission is to help businesses of all sizes navigate sales tax compliance. She says her team has achieved the #1 position in sales multiple times at Avalara and Thomson Reuters.

On the other hand, Payton’s father, Terry is a new business development manager at Bieri Brokerage. Besides, he is a head coach/trainer at FAST – Basketball Sports Training since 2005.

Talking about the training, Melissa said she and her husband started a training program when Payton was around 5 where their focus was to build speed and agility in the kids. They started with the kids in the neighborhood and they grew up so quickly that they had around 300 kids.