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Jann Mardenborough’s Parents, Girlfriend, Wife, & Net Worth

A talented young man with incredibly great looks – that’s how we’d like to define Jann Mardenborough. The 32-year-old British professional car racer is everything you’d like to find in a single person. Wonder who raised him into the perfect man that he is today? Yes, we’re talking about his parents – who are they?

Over and above this, would you like to know Jann Mardenborough’s girlfriends so far and his current relationship status? Well then, what are you waiting for? Dig into the article below to learn exciting facts about Mardenborough’s life!

Who Are Jann Mardenborough’s Parents?

Steve Mardenborough and Lesley-Ann Mardenborough are the racer’s parents. On the 9th of September 1991, he was born as their one and only son. The family of three initially spent most of their time in Darlington, England. Later on, they settled down in Cardiff, UK.

Jann Mardenborough is the son of a former football league player, Steve Mardenborough
Mr. and Mrs. Mardenborough pictured with their beloved son

Interestingly enough, Jann’s dad, Steve is a former English footballer. As a midfielder, Mr. Mardenborough made over 300 appearances in the EFL. Furthermore, in his career, which began in the 1980s, he played for teams like Swansea City, Rhayader Town, Haverfordwest County, and Barry Town. Towards the end of his professional life, he was an asset to the Welsh Premier League.

On the other hand, Lesley-Ann is a stay-at-home mother. By the looks of her Twitter account, she is her son’s die-hard fan; her entire page is filled with news pieces surrounding Mardenborough.

Truth About Jann Mardenborough’s Wife: Is He Ever Married?

Jann is as single as one can be. Contrary to popular belief, he is neither married nor in a committed relationship. Generally speaking, he is not the type of guy to showcase his personal life on social media. So, we get why his fans are so confused with the topic.

British native, Jann Mardenborough is an accomplished race car driver
Mardenborough posing with the love of his life – LOL

Nevertheless, there are a few rumors that fly around regarding Mardenborough’s love life. Keep on reading further to know what they are!

Truth About Mardenborough’s Rumored Girlfriend Sophie Hulme

People’s speculations about Jann’s affair with the renowned fashion designer, Sophie Hulme are the most famous ones so far. Even more so, tabloids across the Internet confidently claim that she is his wife. But, the truth – well, it’s something else.

Truth be told, Mardenborough and Hulme are far from being lovers; they might not even know each other that well. Now, we do not know where the rumor stems from, but it began spreading in 2018. Neither of them has ever publically acknowledged this as well.

Has Jann Dated “Audrey”?

There’s never been a woman named “Audrey” in the race car driver’s life. We first came across her in the movie, Gran Turismo – a movie based on Jann’s life. Actors, Archie Madekwe (in Mardenborough’s role) and Maeve Courtier-Lilley (in Audrey’s role) portray intense chemistry in the film.

With that being said in the movie, people began speculating whether, in real life, Jann was dating someone named Audrey. Nevertheless, it was only a fictional narrative of the racer’s love life in the movie. In reality, he has never linked with someone with that name.

From Online Gaming To Real-Life Tracks: All About His Inspiring Career

Jann Mardenborough was inspired to become a race car driver in the beginning. After dropping out of university while pursuing motorsport engineering, he got into an online time trial for the GT Academy competition on Gran Turismo 5. Since he already had much experience playing the online game, it wasn’t so hard for him to qualify for the event – and, of course, win!

Footballer, Steve Mardenborough's son wanted to become a race car driver from a very young age
An old picture of baby Jann in a racing car

This, eventually, marked the beginning of his real-world racing career. Following the completion of his driver’s training program and competing in multiple national races, he was qualified to receive his international racing license. Fast forward to 2013, he made his debut in Formula Racing – Jann competed in the 2013 24 Hours of Le Mans, finishing third.

Furthermore, in 2015, he raced with Nissan Motorsports in the FIA World Endurance Championship. A year later, the young racer moved to Japan. Since then, he’s competed in Super GT and Super Formula races.

Over the years, he has also explored a career as a stunt driver. That’s not all – he was also the co-producer, stunt driver, and consultant for the movie, Gran Turismo. As mentioned earlier, the 2023 film is based on Mardenborough’s life. It showcases his shift from online gaming to real-life racetracks, starring Archie Madekwe as Jann.

Exploring The 2015 Nurburgring Accident

In 2015, Jann faced a horrible accident while competing in Nurburgring, Germany. Apparently, his car collided in the racetrack and went over the fence, into the crowd. It led to the death of one person in the audience while injuring many.

Thankfully, he did not suffer from any serious physical injuries. However, Mardenborough was left with a mental scar. While some questioned his skills as a race car driver, some empathized with him. Personally, he felt guilty and was distressed for a long time. He further expressed his condolences to the deceased and was working with the race organizers to determine the cause of it all.

Last but not least, he was encouraged by his near and dear ones to not give up on his career. And, a week later, he was back on the racetracks. In the following race, he finished in second place, thus gaining his confidence.

Jann Mardenborough’s Net Worth In 2024

As of 2024, he has a whopping net worth of $5 million. All thanks to his decade-long career as a race car driver, he’s a millionaire today.