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Robert Conrad’s Daughter Kaja Conrad: Interesting Facts Here

Kaja Conrad is a star kid, popularly known as the daughter of renowned Hollywood actor, Robert Conrad. She is also known for her work in the movie, Right, Spring (2019). She represents a blend of German and American descent.

Did Kaja follow in her family’s Hollywood footsteps and become an actor? Join us as we dig deeper to explore Kaja’s lifestyle.

Kaja Conrad Lived A Luxurious Childhood

Kaja is the eldest daughter of well-known Hollywood stars Robert Conrad and LaVelda Fann. She was born on 6th April 1983 in USA. She had a luxurious childhood with all the amenities of being the daughter of wealthy celebrities. Unfortunately, after thirty-three years of togetherness, her parents parted ways in 2010. And after 10 years of their divorce, In 2020, Kaja had to face the untimely demise of her father, Robert.

Educational Background

The talented lady completed her studies at the City University of New York, with a degree in Social Sciences and Humanities. Although she was from a rich family background with never-ending facilities, she was devoted to her studies and was a brilliant student with a smart vision.

How Many Siblings Does Kaja Have?

She has two younger sisters Camille Conrad and Chelsea Conrad. Kaja was raised alongside her sisters; they all have a strong, inseparable bond. As for their profession, Camille is an athlete and a moto racer whereas, Chelsea works as an interior designer in Nashville.

Robert Conard's Daughter
Kaja Conard with her Sisters


In addition to that, she has four half siblings, Joan Conrad, Nancy Conrad, Christian Conrad, and Shane Conrad. They were born to Robert Conrad and his first wife Joan Kenlay. All of them are somehow contributing to the Hollywood Industry.

Kaja Conrad Has Contributed to the Film Industry

As her parents were divas in the acting field, Kaja followed in the footsteps of her parents and joined the industry from an early age. She started her acting career with some dramas and minor movie roles. And with the change in time, she made her skills shine more and more to make her own identity in the Film Industry.

Eventually, In 2019, she gained popularity for her excellent work in the short movie Right, Spring. However, it is another fact that she has not been seen on big screens after this movie. But she has contributed to more than 27 television projects by working off the camera.

Apart from acting, the enthusiastic lady showed her interest in movie production. She worked in over 100 TV series as a production head with huge credit.

What is Kaja Conrad’s Net Worth?

Kaja has an estimated net worth of around $300k. While most of her net worth is gifted by her Parents, some of it is the reward of her hard work that she earned from the film industry.

As we all know, both her parents Robert Conrad, and LaVelda Fann were renowned stars and  have net worth of $10 million and $2 million, respectively. Therefore, living a lavish life was never a dream for the actress.

Kaja Married Her Director From Right, Spring

Kaja is married to Pj Wyderka. They worked together in the short movie Right, Spring (2010). PJ was the writer and director of that short movie that featured Kaja. Sadly, no news or pictures of their marrige has been public till date. Kaja and her husband are still together as her husband shares their pictures on Instagram on her birthdays with cute captions.

Robert Conrad' daughter with her husband
Kaja Conrad with her husband Pj Wyderka

Moreover, this lovely duo has given birth to a baby girl. Being a private person, Kaja has prioritized her personal life and has not disclosed any information about her child. Fortunately, Kaja’s husband has shared some pictures of their daughter in his Instagram posts.

How Kaja Dealt With Her Father Robert Conrad’s Demise?

Her Father, Robert Conrad, was a famous actor loved by millions of fans. Sadly, on 8th February 2020, Kaja lost her father. Robert was dealing with health issues and due to this, he lost his life to a heart failure. Like any other individual, losing a parent was very hard for Kaja and her family but still, she handled everything with great maturity and consoled her mother and sisters.