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Is Svi Mykhailiuk Dating Ainise Havili? Who’s His Girlfriend?

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Svi Mykhailiuk, the Ukrainian basketball player is renowned for his sharpshooting skills and versatility on the court. Off the court, the NBA star is notorious for keeping his love life under wrap. Despite the curiosity and interest from fans and the media, Mykhailiuk prefers keeping his relationship details low-key.

Having said that, Svi, 26, has been linked with the former college volleyball player, Ainise Havili for some years now. So, what’s the truth? Did Mykhailiuk and Havili date indeed?

Let’s find out all the details regarding the Ukrainian basketballer’s love life.

Are Svi Mykhailiuk and Ainise Havili Dating?

Both Svi and Havili haven’t said anything about their relationship status even though the two have been linked by many online tabloids. The alleged couple doesn’t share anything regarding their romantic life on their socials.

The Celtics small forward’s social media is filled with his on-court photos and some snaps with his teammates while Havili’s socials also display the same scenarios. For a change, the current volleyball coach has shared many photos with her gal pals from their travels.

Svi Mykhailiuk is not dating anyone
Svi Mykhailiuk is not dating anyone at present

So, at present there’s no clue if the rumored couple is dating indeed.

Besides, by the looks of it, the basketball player isn’t dating anyone at present. But again, these are only speculations.

How Did the Rumor Start In the First Place?

Svi and Havili both attended Kansas University in the same year i.e., 2014. Given that they both were on athletic teams, it’s obvious that they both knew each other. Besides, they used to have practice sessions so they undoubtedly crossed paths several times.

Moreover, the two also appeared together a couple of times, which probably gave rise to the speculation that the two were seeing each other. Many fan pages and online tabloids have speculated their dating based on a couple of photos of them.

Svi Mykhailiuk and Ainise Havili when they were in the college
Svi Mykhailiuk and Ainise Havili when they were in college

Besides, the alleged duo follows each other on Instagram even today. Even though they haven’t shared each other’s photos on the platform, fans believe that the two share something in common.

Could It Be That They Dated?

There’s a possibility! Indeed, there are no traces of their relationship on the internet today, aside from a couple of photos of them together. However, it’s possible that they dated in the past.

But, nothing could be said with assertion until they themselves or some close sources confirm the rumor.

Know A Bit About Svi Mykhailiuk’s Alleged Girlfriend Ainise Havili

Havili was born on April 24, 1996, to Mele and Moses Havili in Pacifica, California. She has four siblings, Lia, Hame, Inoke, and Andrew Havili. She studied at Haltom High School where she played volleyball.

After that, she studied sports management and business at the University of Kansas from 2014 to 2018. She also played volleyball for the university club for four years. After graduation, she studied master’s degree in marketing at the University of Arizona from 2018 to 2019.

Ainise Havili played volleyball in college and currently is a volleyball coach
Ainise Havili played volleyball in college and currently is a volleyball coach

As a professional volleyball player, she played for the Allianz MTV Stuttgart in Germany from 2019 to 2020 and  Karayolları Genel Müdürlüğü in Turkey from 2020 to 2021.

Currently, she is an assistant volleyball coach at ACU Volleyball.