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Ben Johns’ Owns a Number of Businesses Which Adds To His Net Worth

Pickleball star Benjamin Ellingham Johns, aka Ben Johns, is considered the greatest player the sport has ever produced. He has consistently stayed the number-ranked player for the past three years or so. Due to his successful career, people are rightfully curious about how much is his net worth.

So far, Ben has won millions in prize money and has a number of brand endorsements as well. Let’s discuss in depth his overall net worth.

What is Ben Johns’ Net Worth?

Presently, the star Pickleball player sits comfortably atop his $3 million wealth which he earned from his years of struggle as an athlete. While he earns a substantial amount of money from his career as a player, the vast majority of his earnings are from his various brand endorsements.

If we talk about all the prize money he has garnered, he has raked in millions of dollars. While Pickleball doesn’t earn as much as its counterpart Tennis, it sure is not far behind in terms of prize money. Johns has won 100 gold medals, 12 Triple Crowns, and 50 titles, which directly equates to millions in prize money.

He has won many games with his mixed doubles partner and world number 1 female Pickleball player, Anna Leigh Waters, who is also a millionaire and one of the most-earning female athletes.

On average, a pro-Pickleball player earns around $112,000 annually. But when you are competing at the same level as Ben, then it increases by over $121,000.

Nevertheless, Ben’s earning totally overshadows what he earns from his endorsement deals.

Johns Has A Handful of Endorsement Deals

His star status has helped him gain various endorsement deals from big brands. He is currently signed up by JOOLA Pickleball, Babolat Jet Mach 3, Dekel Bar, Franklin Sports, Jigsaw Health, and Adidas.

He promotes all of these companies through his Instagram account, which has over 55k followers. Most of these ads are quite interesting, making it a fun and creative way to promote these products.

Most of the companies that he has been endorsing are some way or another related to pickleball.

Ben Johns Owns a Range of Businesses

Thanks to his years of hard work and perseverance, Johns has started a couple of businesses. He alongside his brother Collins is the owner of Pickleball 360, an online instructional video subscription service.

Additionally, Ben is a co-owner of Pickleball Getaways, a travel company that he founded with fellow Pickleball player Dekel Bar.

Ben Comes from an Affluent Family

The Johns siblings grew up on their parents’ 12-acre land in Laytonsville. All of them were homeschooled by their mom. Thanks to this, Ben and his siblings were able to focus on their careers.

Just so their children become well-versed in the field of sports, Ben’s dad Mark, built them a tennis court on the already ample family’s property. Going by how big of a land the Johns family has, for sure they have a huge amount of generational wealth.

Talking about the huge property’s valuation is estimated to be more than a million dollars.