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Sally Rychlak Is Dating Football Coach Lane Kiffin, Getting Married?

The head coach of Ole Miss Rebels, Lane Kiffin announced the beautiful Sally Rychlak as his girlfriend with a lovely post on National Girlfriends Day. The footballer who was previously married to Layla Kiffin for nearly a decade surprised his fans by opening up about his current partner. This has increased the audience’s interest in the lucky Sally and her relationship with Kiffin.

Here, we will talk about the early life and the present life of Rychlak. What does she do for a living? Read further to discover some hidden details about Lane’s partner’s life.

Lane and Sally Rychlak Disclosed Their Relationship in 2023

On August 2, 2023, the Ole Miss Rebels head coach Lane surprised his fans by publicly acknowledging his romantic relationship. He shared a lovely picture with Sally Rhychlak on the occasion of National Girlfriends Day.

The picture Lane Kiffin shared on twitter of his Girlfreind Sally Rychlak
Coach Lane Kiffin wished Sally Rychlak on the occasion of National Girlfriends Day. Source: Twitter

To the reply of the post, Sally jokingly replied,

 I actually think we should just be friends.

This immediately showed the loving bond the duo shares in their relationship. On the other hand, the exact details about when they started their relationship are not out yet. But we can assume that they have known each other for quite a long time now.

The Couple’s Huge Age Difference

Kiffin and his partner Sally come from a quite different background. Along with this, the two also have a huge age difference which is nearly twenty years.

Lane was born in 1975 and is 49 years old at present. Whereas, on the other hand, Rychlak must be in her late 20s at present. Although we do not know her exact date of birth, we are sure that she is almost 20 years younger than her partner.

Rychlak who celebrates her birthday on Match 16 each year has still kept the exact year of her birth a secret.

Kiffin’s Girlfriend Sally is Originally From Memphis

Digging into the details about the coach’s partner, Sally was born in Memphis, Tennessee to her parents. She comes from a huge family with four sisters, Lindsey, Susanna, Mary Halen, and Olivia, and one brother, Joseph. In contrast to her partner, she lives a private life out of the media and only came into the limelight due to her relationship with Lane.

Sally Rychlak with her parents and other family members
Rychlak was born and raised in Memphis with her parents and siblings. Source: Facebook

We can see a lovely cover picture on her Facebook account along with her parents and siblings. Besides this, we have no clue about the details of her parents, not even their names.

Sally Rychlak Is a Graduate of the University of Mississippi

Sally completed her primary level education at St. Agnes Academy. After completing high school, she decided to pursue marketing at the University of Mississippi in 2018. Soon after joining the university, she worked as the Orientation Leader for seven months for the uni itself.

While pursuing her bachelor’s degree, she joined as the Development Officer for the School of Pharmacy and worked there for 10 months. Before this, she was a part of the Development Associate for the School of Business as well as the Intern at the University of Mississippi Development Office.

Rychlak’s Active Professional Involvement

At present, Sally works as the major gifts officer at Southern Methodist University. She has been working on the post for more than a year now.

Sally is a marketing graduate and was born and raised in Memphis.
Kiffin’s partner is from Memphis and works in the field of marketing.

According to her LinkedIn, she has also got prior experience, working as a Pure Burre Fitness Instructor. She worked as a professional instructor for 4 years.

Sally’s Boyfriend Lane’s Previous Marriage and Relationship

As we all know, the coach was already married once before dating Sally. He married Layla Reaves who is an alumna of the University of Florida in 2004. They were married for more than a decade until they mutually decided to separate. On February 28, 2016, the couple officially divorced.

Following the separation from his wife, the coach moved on pretty quickly and got into a relationship with Jennifer Dardano. They are assumed to have started their relationship in 2017 which ended with no further updates. We only got to know about their separation when Lane announced his affair with Sally.

He is A Father of Three Children

Kiffin has three children, two daughters and a son with his ex-wife, Layla. The eldest is Landry Kiffin who is 19 years old at present and started her university in 2023. Landry is also popular in TikTok and sets herself as a social media influencer with over 60k followers in TikTok.

Likewise, the couch also has a daughter Presley, and a son Knox. They are in their mid-teens at present.

Sally and Her Partner’s Growing Relationship: Are They Marrying Soon?

Lane and Rychlak seem to be in a very good relationship. Along with the coach, Sally also seems to have created a bond with his children as well as his fans. She often shares pictures with Kiffin on several occasions and always wishes him all the positive regards.

Along with the closeness with Kiffin, Sally also has already met a few of his family members including his children and pet dog, Juice. Despite all these, we have no information if the couple has been thinking of marrying each other. But with the bond and intimacy they share, the love birds might surely get hitched anytime soon.