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Olivia Namath Marriage, Children, & Legal Issues: All About Joe Namath’s Daughter

Olivia Namath is the daughter of Joe Namath, former New York Jets quarterback. Joe had Olivia during his relationship with his ex-wife, Deborah Tatiana Mays.

Although Olivia couldn’t find as much fame as her footballer father, she did have a fair share of headlines. The celebrity kid apparently spawned some blunders when she was young. There, however, is also much more to her than that. Read all in the headings ahead.

Where Is Olivia Namath Now?

While Olivia isn’t at large in present days, according to some public records, she now resides in Jupiter, Florida. There, however, isn’t much to say about her beyond that.

Unlike her father, Olivia is elusive on social media. While it’s uncertain whether she has an online presence, she certainly looks detached from platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Her husband, too, shares a similar stance.

Joe Namath with his daughter Olivia Namath in Dec 2017
Olivia Namath with her father Joe Namath at Art Miami Pavillion in Dec 2017. Getty

The couple has adeptly kept themselves at a distance from the scrutiny of tabloids. It resultantly has made it challenging to discern Olivia’s current lifestyle.

However, speculations persist, hinting that she is immersed in the role of a mother and likely provides support to her husband and his artistic endeavors. As such, Olivia has been attending and presumably hosting several art exhibitions across many states for quite a few years now.

Olivia Namath Is Married: Who’s Her Husband?

Namath is married to Edwin Baker III. The couple wed in 2013 at the Ca’d’Zan. The venue is the historic mansion of circus king John Ringling. Namath and Edwin have a daughter together.

Olivia’s spouse, Edwin professionally is an artist. He primarily focuses on street art but apparently draws inspiration from luminaries such as Picasso and Basquiat.

Olivia with her husband Edwin at Art Wynwood Pavilion in 2018
Olivia, Edwin, and their daughter at Art Wynwood Pavillion in Feb 2018. Getty

One of his notable pieces includes the 2018 collage, “I Get Better Looking Every Day (2018).”

Edwin, based in Los Angeles, also has a background in tattoo artistry. He reportedly branched into painting to follow his passion. Presently, he serves as an art tutor, offering classes in Los Angeles and his hometown of South Florida.

Olivia Hubby Had A Bad History

Edwin’s past includes multiple arrests. In 2006, he was charged with possession of crystal methamphetamine, grand theft, and burglary. In an earlier incident, he faced accusations of robbing a McDonald’s restaurant. He also went to jail for possessing cocaine and marijuana.

The Couple Has A Child Out Of Wedlock

Joe Namath’s daughter, Olivia was already a mother to a daughter before her marriage to Edwin. She welcomed her first daughter Natalia in August 2007 in West Palm Beach when she was 16 years of age.

After Natalia’s birth, Joe’s ex-wife and her grandmother, Mays took her to California, enabling Olivia to complete high school.

Namath with her daughter and husband Edwin Baker III at Art New York in 2018
Olivia with her daughter and husband Edwin in May 2018 at Art New York. Getty

Despite the young age, Joe expressed joy over the healthy birth and acknowledged the wonderful moment. The baby’s birth certificate identified the father as Edwin Baker III. He was 19 at the time.

Olivia’s Birth Details And Her Grandparents

She was born on Dec 11, 1990, which makes her Invalid or missing birthdate. years old.

Olivia’s paternal grandparents, Rose and János “John” Andrew Namath, had Hungarian Catholic roots. Her maternal ancestors, the Mays, belonged to an affluent family in Ligonier, Pennsylvania.

Olivia with her father and sister at the 2010 ESPY Awards
Olivia Namath, Joe Namath, and Jessica Grace in July 2010. Getty

She also has an older sister, Jessica. She is about four years her senior. Jessica, who attended the University of Alabama, also has a son who she shares with her ex-husband Brian Kennedy. They unfortunately divorced in August 2019.

Olivia Was A Difficult Daughter Growing Up

Apparently, it was difficult for Joe to handle Olivia and her sister Jessica while they were up. The two were reportedly quite the troublemakers.

Speaking of his daughters’ trouble, Joe, in a 2005 interview, mentioned the challenges of raising daughters between the ages of 12 and 17. He however also emphasized the importance of patience and active listening.

Olivia Namath Arrest

In 2010, Olivia faced a legal issue when police stopped her in West Palm Beach for speeding. Subsequent investigations revealed an open bottle of rum and marijuana in her car.

Olivia after her arrest
The mugshot of Olivia Namath after her arrest. AP

The police found about 200 grams of marijuana in the car’s trunk distributed in baggies. At the time of the bust, Namath was traveling with two men.