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Milton Bradley Relationship With Wife: His Girlfriend, Dating History: Full Bio

Former baseball outfielder, Milton Bradley is known to show anger both in and outside the field – typically, in his home. So, is he still the type of man to hit his woman? What is Bradley’s current married life with Rachel Rodriguez like? Last we heard, she got a restraining order against him – are they still together?

Well, Milton isn’t the man fans think he is. Read the entire article below to learn details about the cases of domestic violence, battery, and criminal threats against the ex-MLB player. Additionally, carefully look into his early life, career, and current whereabouts.

All About Milton Bradley’s Toxic Relationship With Wife, Rachel Rodriguez

In the year 2015, Bradley and Rodriguez tied the knot. Fast forward to two years later, the pair welcomed their son, Matteo Milton. Now, from the outside, their relationship looks almost perfect. Unfortunately, sometimes things are too good to be true, quite literally.

The “exemplary” couple faces more troubles than you can think of. For instance, in February 2022, Rachel accused her husband of “threatening to kill her”. While pleading for a restraining order, she expressed that the ex-athlete said the words in front of her mother and their then-5-year-old son. His spouse further added,

Every day, I am living in fear. I am Mr. Bradley’s punching bag that receives his erratic behavior and attacks. I am walking on eggshells daily.

That’s not all – in January 2018, she also accused him of domestic battery. Amidst a simple fight, he allegedly grabbed her by the neck and threw her onto a couch. Even more so, she ran away from home, following the mistreatment.

Milton Bradley With His Wife Rachel
Milton Bradley With His Wife Rachel

However, the allegations later turned out to be false. In reality, they only had a verbal fight; and she did what she did to get “Milton in trouble”.

The Couple Is Together Despite His Spouse’s Allegations

Despite the immense toxicity, the duo is still together as of 2024. They’ll be celebrating their 9th wedding anniversary this year.

Furthermore, taking a look at his Instagram, the former Rangers player still posts pictures with Rodrigues. By the looks of it, they seem very happy nowadays. The two of them are often seen going on vacations with their kids or simply spending quality time with each other.

But, it is all just a ruse? We’ll never know.

Milton Bradley’s Troubled Marriage Ex-Wife With Monique Williams

Before Rachel Rodriguez, there was another woman in Bradley’s life – Monique Williams. The former love birds met in 2003. She was the community relations intern with his then-team, the Cleveland Indians. After a couple of years of courtship, they got hitched in 2005. Together, they had two sons – the elder one born in 2006, and the younger one in 2010.

Bradley's first wife, Monique Williams
The late Monique Williams – Bradley allegedly assaulted her in the course of their marriage

On a darker note, his marriage with Williams wasn’t as smooth. Over a decade, she allegedly endured physical, mental, and emotional abuse from Milton. From 2011 to 2012, at least five incidents of domestic violence were registered against him.


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In one such instance, he threw a hotel glass at her that broke on her head. According to her court statement, she was bleeding yet her husband wouldn’t let her go see a doctor. She said,

And he told me I was using too many towels… to clean up the blood… I guess somebody called hotel security because they heard the disturbance…

Monique continued,

…and Milton looked me in the eye, and he held me, and he’s like, “Don’t trow away everything we have”, like this is his future, his job. So I protected him even though I’m standing there in blood, and he didn’t even care.

Moreover, he also allegedly embarrassed her in her dad’s eyes. Milton sent a video of them having intercourse to Roger Williams and threatened to expose it.

He Was Sentenced To 32 Months In Prison On 9 Different Accounts

Bradley and his attorney, Harlan Braun, failed to prove that Monique had alcohol issues – over and above this, that she was a manipulative woman who married him for money. Alas, he was found guilty, and thus, sentenced to 32 years in prison.

Additionally, he was required to fulfill 400 hours of community service and five years of probation. The punishment was declared in accordance with 9 different accounts i.e., four counts of spousal battery, two counts of criminal threats, one count of assault with a deadly weapon, one count of vandalism, and one count of brandishing a deadly weapon.

Following this, he appealed twice to the LA court. Firstly, he appealed against the verdict but was rejected. Secondly, in 2016, his plea for a reduced sentence was also rejected.

Monique Passed Away Abruptly After The Trials Ended

Unfortunately, Monique is no longer living. At the age of 33, she passed away abruptly; that too, after the trials ended. After her demise, in 2015, the custody of her sons was given to her violent ex-husband.

The Outfielder Did Not Have A Smooth Childhood

Bradley, aka Milton Obelle Bradley, Jr. was born on 15th April 1978 as the son of Charlena Rector and Milton Bradley Sr. He grew up in Harbor City, followed by Long Beach, California.

The ex-outfielder, Milton Bradley was raised by a single mother
Charlena with her youngest grandson, Matteo

Back in the day, his mother was a clerk at a local Safeway Supermarket. On the other hand, his dad was a military man who formerly served in the Vietnam War, and was a Purple Heart recipient. Only by the sounds of it, it seems that he had a good childhood. But sadly, Milton had it rough.

Moreover, his folks’ relationship dynamics weren’t so good. Without consulting with his partner first, Bradley Sr. named his son. Over everything, he was a cocaine addict who would often physically abuse Rector. Additionally, his father was also homeless for several years. Shortly after, they called it quits, and thus, the baseballer was raised by a single mother.

He Grew Up With Four Half-Siblings On His Mother’s Side

Milton is technically the only kid of his parents. However, his mother, Charlena was married once before and had four kids. Therefore, he grew up, surrounded by four brothers and sisters.

Looking Into His Decade-Long Career With The MLB

The Long Beach Polytechnic High School and California State University alum was selected by the Monreal Expos in the 1996 MLB draft. It was Bradley’s first team in the big leagues.

He was then transferred to the Cleaveland Indians in 2001. The athlete replaced Kenny Lofton on the team; as a result, the Expos got right-handed pitcher, Zach Day.

Milton Bradley began his MLB journey in 1996
The outfielder for the Seattle Mariners, Milton Bradley

Milton was an asset to the team until his release in 2003. In the next year’s season, he was with the Los Angeles Dodgers. After playing with them for only a year, he moved on to the Oakland Athletics in 2006. Likewise, the former athlete changed multiple teams throughout the next few years – San Diego Padres (2007), Texas Rangers (2008), and Chicago Cubs (2009).

Last but not least, the outfielder’s final team in the MBL was the Seattle Mariners. He joined the team in 2010 but was released in 2011; this marks the end of his professional baseball career.

Where Is Milton Bradley In 2024? His Whereabouts And Net Worth

The former baseball athlete, along with his wife and three children, lives in their home in Encino, California. Interestingly enough, he’s a multi-millionaire. As of 2024, Milton has a whopping net worth of around $18 million.