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D’Angelo Jackson, Quinton Jackson’s Son Is Into Music

Known and loved for his aggressive style in the ring, renowned professional wrestler Quinton Jackson has amassed an enormous fortune and a huge fan following over the years. The beloved yet controversial fighter hung his gloves in 2019 and retreated to a less violent lifestyle. Entering the wrestling sports in 1999, Quinton missed a significant part of his eldest son, D’Angelo Jackson‘s childhood. His oldest child has turned into a young man now.

Let’s dive into the life of the champion’s first offspring.

D’Angelo Jackson’s biological mother was a drug addict

Born to Quinton Rampage Jackson and his ex-girlfriend in the first week of August while they were in college, D’Angelo received the middle name ‘Rampage’ from his father. His mother allegedly did drugs during the time of her pregnancy. As a result, the custody of the child was handed over to the former wrestler in 2005.

On his father’s side, he has three younger half-siblings including Raja Jackson, Elijah Jackson, and Naname Nakia Jackson. After he came under his father’s care, his stepmother Yuki Jackson nurtured him and D’Angelo used to call her ‘Mama-san.’

Quinton Jackson's children Raja Jackson, D'Angelo Jackson, Elijah Jackson and Naname Nakia Jackson
All four Jackson siblings share a close bond.

During the initial days of living with his father, D’Angelo was a bit shy and quiet. It was with time and tremendous love from Rampage and his ex-wife that the young fellow opened up. He shares a close bond with both his father and stepmother.

D’Angelo is an albino

Though his dad Rampage is of black ethnicity, he has a super pale complexion. The fellow has, however, a condition of albinism disorder.

Quinton Jackson and his eldest son D'Angelo Jackson
Quinton’s first child lacks pigment despite his heritage.

This condition affects people of all races, but it is especially difficult for people of color to go through this. While people may not think he is the Rampage’s son at first glance, his love makes it definite that the lad is his child.

He is taller than his father

Rampage stands at a respectable height of 6 ft 1 inch. His son D’Angelo is even taller than his father. As a matter of fact, the young man was already as tall as his father when he was merely a teenager.

It is a bittersweet feeling for any parent to watch their child grow up. Rampage often posts childhood pictures of his children reminiscing the days when they were little kids. Moreover, in the December 2008 issue of The Atlantic, it was mentioned Quinton is a strict but doting father. When D’Angelo received all A’s in his tests, his dad promised to give him anything he wanted.

The father-son duo share an enviable relationship and their interactions are playful and lighthearted.

Professional career: Is the D’Angelo Jackson also into sports?

Being the son of a former wrestling champion, many would say that an inclination towards sports is in his blood. D’Angelo played for his school’s basketball team and was also good at it.

However, as of late, his passion mainly resides in music. With the stage name Space God, the young man has released more than a dozen songs on Soundcloud.

The budding artist mostly releases songs of the hip-hop genre and has also collaborated with various producers such as Twosmoke, Donnie KatanaHardknock, Ratajj, ParyoSachyGerreauxLevel, Jflex, and more. Furthermore, he is a fan of rappers such as XXXTentacion, Mac Miller, A$AP Rocky, and $uicideboy$.

Where is Jackson now?

He resides in Fresno, California, and is focused on expressing himself through music.