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Melodie Bell Dollson: Her Biological Parents, Siblings, & More

Melodie Bell Dollson is primarily known in the media as the daughter of Le’Veon Bell, a former running back for the Pittsburgh Steelers, and his fiancee Mercedes Dollson. Born to a famous dad, Melodie is already famous, all thanks to the exposure she has gained from a young age.

Well, how is the life of this 7 years old? Explore everything there is to know about the stat kid. Let’s get started.

Melodie Bell Dollson Is A Jolly Kid

Born on January 19, 2017, Melodie is a very jolly and vibrant kid by nature. As a 7 year old, she is no different than any normal kid who loves to have fun.

Melodie Kissing her Mother
Melodie Kissing her Mother

She loves spending time with her parents and is also close to her grandmother. As of now, she is in the first grade and is already interested in cheerleading. Hopefully, we will soon get to see her out in the field soon in the future.

How Is Melodie Bell Dollson’s Life After Her Parents Breakup?

Needless to say, Melodie is definitely lacking the love of both their parents post their break up. Even though Mercedes and Le’Veon co-parent their daughter & try hard to manage their time to be with her, it has been quite impossible to provide the environment they could when they were together.

Anyway, Melodie is quite happy and shares a great relationship with both their parents. Talking about her parents, they reportedly began dating around 2016 and were together for around 4 years before they separated. The duo were reportedly engaged before they broke up.

Though the former couple has not revealed the reason for their split, there are speculations that it could be because of Le’Veon’s infidelity. As of now, he is dating singer and model Jalisa Rey.

Her Mother Is Independently Living As A Model And Entrepreneur

While Melodie’s dad is a successful American football running back, her mother has also been living an independent life at present. She is a successful model at present. Besides, she is also the founder of Dollface Cosmetics. While she is well-settled as a businesswoman and model at present, she has worked in various fields in the past.

Previously, she used to work as an office manager and accountant at AgSoilworks. Likewise, she was also a debt collector for the Law Office of Michael K Spikes for a while. Along with this, she also has experience working at Mathys Law Group as an executive administrative assistant.

Melodie Has Seven Siblings

Thanks to her father’s multiple relationships, Melodie has seven siblings, 1 biological and 6 half-siblings. Talking about her biological sibling is her younger brother Le’Veon Jr. who was born in 2019. She is quite close to her brother who is in his preschool. Her mother even shared a photo of her brother as he joined the preschool.

Melodie Bell Dollson With Her Parents And Brother
Melodie Bell Dollson With Her Parents And Brother

Apart from her biological brother, she as we said has 6 half-siblings who are from her father’s other relationships. Melodie is unfortunately not close to her half-siblings and does not even know most of them.

Her Parents Are Quite Rich

Melodie has had quite a luxurious life from the very childhood, all thanks to her rich parents. Especially her dad is quite wealthy with a net worth of $12 million as per Celebrity Net Worth. In fact, back in 2019, he signed a four-year contract with the New York Jets worth $52.5 million.

In addition to massive contracts, Le’Veon adds a massive amount to his fortune from his endorsement deals with brands like Jordan, Daily Queen, and much more.

Along with her father, he mother Mercedes also is quite rich. As we said earlier, she is a successful model and businesswoman through which she adds a good sum to her wealth. Unfortunately, she has not revealed the exact sum of her net worth.