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Boston Celtics’ Al Horford’s Parents Divorced When He Was Three

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Al Horford is a Dominican-born American basketball player. Growing up in the Caribbean, Al developed an interest in basketball at an early age. Being the son of the former NBA player Tito Horford, Al was born to carry on his father’s legacy, however, it wasn’t as easy as it appears today.

All thanks to his mother Arelis Reynoso who founded a basketball academy for her son timely and later on sent him to the US to hone his skills. Besides, the NBA star has always highlighted the impact his parents have had on his career and life as a whole.

So, let’s learn about the two most important persons in Al’s life.

Al Horford’s Father Is Also A Dominican-Born

Just like Al, his father, Alfredo “Tito” William Horford was also born and raised in the Dominican Republic. He was born in La Romana, Dominican Republic to a Bahamian immigrant father and Dominican mother, Ana Graciela Baltazar.

Tito moved to the United States at the age of 16, in 1982. He moved to Houston, Texas to attend high school and improve his skills. He already knew some English, thanks to his Bahamian dad. Tito joined the University of Miami where he played for two years before entering the NBA.

Al Horford with his father Tito
Al Horford with his father Tito

He toldĀ The Sun that his coach at Miami asked him to continue his college career, however, he needed the money since his father had died and his mother was looking after his five siblings alone back in the Dominican Republic.

His Mother Is An Award-Winning Sports Journalist

Reynoso has been involved in sports journalism for over three decades. She started her career in journalism in 1988 and as of now, she is employed as an editor at Deporvida. According to her bio in the publication, she started writing in her hometown of Puerto Plata.

Afterward, she worked as an investigative reporter and columnist for national newspapers in her homeland before leaving for the States. In America, she started working as a writer and editor for Philadelphia’s Spanish-languageĀ El Sol Latina and won the Hispanic Choice Awards in 2005 and 2006.

Besides, she was also named the Best Hispanic Reporter by Mundo Latino in 2003.

Tito Left Al’s Mother But Has Supported Him Throughout

Al was just three years old when his parents, Tito and Arelis divorced. After the divorce, Tito remarried and settled in Lansing, Michigan. He also fathered four children with his second wife. Despite their divorce, Tito and his first wife maintained an amicable relationship, maybe for their son.

When Al was 14, his parents decided that he should move to the States where he would get better training and more opportunities. So, he moved in with his father and started living with his stepmother and four half-siblings, two brothers Jon and Josh Horford, and two sisters Maria and Anna Horford.

Al’s mother mentioned in a piece for the Boston Globe that she had initially planned to move with her son to the States. However, their plan didn’t work and then she contacted her ex-husband.

After Al’s move to the US, his father made sure that he got everything he needed to enhance his ball skills. Being a former professional basketball player himself, Tito shared the ins and outs of basketball which helped Al in his budding career.

His Mother, Arelis Reynoso Also Moved To The US Later

When Al moved to America, his English was pretty rudimentary which made him hard to fit in. Besides, it was the first time he was away from his mother, so this phase was pretty challenging for the Celtics star.

His mother recalled her son calling her and saying, “Mommy please, can you please come to [the] United States?” She couldn’t move to the States initially, maybe due to visa issues, but she ultimately got a job as a writer and editor of a Spanish-language newspaper in Philadelphia and then moved to the USA.

Al's mother, Arelis Reynoso is an award-winning sports journalist
Al’s mother, Arelis Reynoso is an award-winning sports journalist

Reynoso remarried shortly after and welcomed her second child with her second husband. She gave birth to a baby boy, Chris Hernandez in 2005. Al is the godfather of his half-brother.

Al Horford Is Closer To Both His Parents

Horford spent his childhood with his mother and while he entered his youthhood, he started living with his father. So, Al developed a good bond with both his parents although they separated while he was an infant.

Even though he hasn’t said anything that would indicate his inclination to his folks, we can safely say so based on his social media posts. Although he doesn’t share many posts featuring his parents, we can find a couple of photos of them. Moreover, he loves to spend his free time with his mother and younger half-brother. Besides, Reynoso has shared some photos of her children celebrating festivals together.

On the other hand, Tito, the former basketball player has been vocal about his love for his firstborn. Tito regularly attends his son’s matches during his home games and also shares how proud he is of his son.