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What Is Raja Jackson Up To? Inside The Life Of Quinton Jackson’s Son

Though less relevant in today’s age, there is an expectation that a child will follow in their parent’s footsteps. This has rang true in the case of former professional wrestler Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson‘s son Raja Jackson. Renowned for his glory days in the ring, Rampage is one of the pioneers in the growth of wrestling as a worldwide sport. Would his son be able to fill his father’s shoes?

Let’s know more about the up-and-coming MMA fighter.

Raja Jackson Belongs To The Gen Z

Raja, full name Raja Rampage Jackson, was born on May 2, 2000. As stated above, he is the second child of Quinton Jackson. However, his mother is an unknown ex-girlfriend of his father. They were college sweethearts who had a short-lived romance.

Raja with his sister Naname Jackson and brother Elijah Jackson
All the siblings get along with each other.

The young man has three half-siblings. His older brother D’Angelo Jackson has a different mother while Naname Nakia and Elijah were given birth by his father’s ex-wife Yuki Jackson.

Raja Was Initially Raised By His Biological Mother

Quinton and Yuki got divorced back in 2006 with the reason being the man’s infidelity. Yuki had found out that Quinton had fathered Raja with another woman in 2000. A paternity test confirmed this fact. Raja came into the care of his father and stepmother in around 2008.

Later, in 2017, his father ended up getting back with his ex-wife, almost 12 years after their divorce. She looked after all four children and got along with her stepsons as well. However, the marriage didn’t last long and Rampage filed for a divorce in 2020.

Career as an MMA fighter

Raja made his debut as a professional MMA fighter with the nickname ‘da-clone’ in 2023. Before that, he was engaged in three amateur fights. On November 13, 2021, Raja had his first amateur MMA fight against Zalimkhan Shakhrudinov at Metroflex Gym located in Hawaiian Gardens, California. The young wrestler won against his opponent via knockout.

Afterward, he went on to win his next two amateur fights in 2022 at the Global Legion FC event; first against Malique Lee through submission and second against Kendall Morris through a referee’s unanimous decision.

Raja Jackson poses with a huge chain necklace
The young fighter shows versatility in his battles.

Furthermore, he went pro in 2023. His first professional fight at the United Fight League 2 on May 13, 2023, was against Hastings Mcmillan. It was a win for Jackson through a knockout. However, in his second match at the United Fight League 3 on August 12, 2023, the young fighter lost against Steve Collins.

The young lad shows a versatile skill set with a record of two knockouts, an anaconda choke, and a unanimous. The newbie might make it far in this field.

Raja Jackson Influenced by his father

Since a young age, Raja watched his father’s matches religiously and was strongly attracted to the fighting scene. In a 2013 Instagram post, his father mentioned that 13-year-old Raja also wanted to be an MMA fighter.

Rampage regularly made time for his son to teach him some moves. The father-son duo have continued this tradition even to this day. In 2023, the father posted a video showing a light sparring session between the two with the caption, “Sometimes I enjoy kicking my son’s a**.”

What Is Rampage’s Opinion On His Son’s Choice?

The former wrestler was a broke young man when he joined the fighting scene. While he was passionate about the sport, his main reason for pursuing this path was to earn money. Due to this, the man was very much determined to achieve things.

As a result of the hard work, Rampage has managed to provide his family with a comfortable life. However, he feels that even with all the comfort in life, Raja is not as focused as he should be to make it in this field.

While the retired champion has been fully supportive of his son joining the sport and has said that his son is a better fighter than he was at the same age, the former feels that his kid doesn’t want success as badly as he did.

Raja Shares A Close Connection With His Dad

As a parent, Rampage is a strict but doting father to his children. He regularly posts birthday wishes, encouraging statements, and congratulations messages for his kids. Being in the same profession, especially a career with the public scrutinizing you, it is Raja who seems to get the most attention from his father online.

Quinton Jackson and his son Raja
Raja’s old man is steady in his support.

The father-son duo have appeared together in various shows and podcasts. Raja also starred in the 2022 movie Lord of the Streets alongside his old man playing the role of a henchman. The legendary wrestler seems to enjoy advising his offspring on the dos and don’ts inside the ring. He also mentioned that he gets more nervous about Raja’s matches than his own.

Moreover, Rampage has said that he does not accept disrespectful behavior from his children. Although the punishments seem to mostly revolve around lighthearted public embarrassment or playful slaps.

Tussle With His Father: What Was The Result?

In an episode of the HJR Experiment in 2023, Raja joined his old man in a conversation with host Harrison Rogers and MMA fighter Brendan Schaub. Rampage admitted that he had gotten into a brawl with his son.

Though the reason is unknown, the young lad sucker-punched his folk. The MMA legend mentioned that he had sent his son to hospital that day. He said,

“I felt bad about kicking his a** that day. And to this day, he’s the only person I ever guillotined. I ain’t get in there. I never get guillotine on nobody (sic). I got, I didn’t wanna keep punching him, so I guillotine.”

To Raja’s credit, he didn’t tap out and as a result, his father knocked him out.

An Awkward Moment For Raja Jackson And His Father

During the father and son’s appearance in Brendan Schaub‘s show Food Truck Diaries, Rampage mentioned that he had walked in on the intimate time between Raja and his girlfriend.

While the moment was embarrassing for the UFC champion, he exclaimed that his son did not even stop and felt that such action was disrespectful to him.