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Quinton Jackson’s Daughter Naname Nakia Jackson Is Dating, Full Bio

The world-renowned UFC champion Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson has already retired from the ring. Making his name as a legend, the wrestler is one of the pioneers in turning wrestling into a worldwide sport. Starting in Japan, the man has a huge fan following in the country. He even married a Japanese woman and had two children with her. Among the two is his youngest child Naname Nakia Jackson.

Let’s dive into some details about the wrestler’s daughter.

Naname Nakia Jackson Is Mixed With American And Japanese Heritage

Born on December 29, 2006, Naname is the youngest child of the former wrestler and his ex-wife Yuki Jackson. She has 3 older brothers among whom Elijah Jackson is her biological sibling. D’Angelo Jackson and Raja Jackson are her half-brothers.

Quinton Jackson's youngest child Naname Nakia Jackson
The champion’s daughter is his youngest child.

Her mother hails from Japan which has contributed to her Japanese heritage and name. While most sites have reported her name to be ‘Naname’, she and her close family and friends write it as ‘Nanami‘.

‘Naname’, in Japanese, means a bud that will sprout in the future, while ‘Nanami’ means seven seas. It can also refer to beautiful green vegetables.

She attends Portola High School in Irvine, California. Following her father’s penchant for sports, Rampage’s daughter is a part of the girl’s basketball team.

What Are Naname’s Hobbies?

The young lady enjoys listening to music. She is a fan of Lana Del Rey and one of her favorite songs is Diet Mountain Dew. The wrestler’s daughter also listens to Drake and Kanye West.

Alongside music, Naname also loves fashion and style. She follows the latest attire trends and likes showing off her outfits in mirror selfies. Moreover, she is often out with friends visiting beaches, restaurants, festivals, and clubs.

Closeness with her father

People often say that even the scariest men become sweet and gentle when it comes to their daughters. Known for his aggressive fighting style and behavior in his professional career, Rampage tones down his personality for his precious daughter. He is a doting father and calls her his princess.

The former fighter posts on her birthday every year without fail and is not embarrassed or shy about expressing his love for his youngest kid.

Moreover, the captions on his posts alone show the sweet yet playful relationship he seems to share with Naname.

Did Rampage Make Her Cry?

While the fighter is a loving father to Naname, the man doesn’t seem to be above pulling pranks on his kid. Rampage posted an Instagram video in 2018 that showed his daughter crying while hitting him.

It turns out that the man gave a mohawk haircut to her dogs while she was gone on holiday for the summer vacation. A colorful hairdo for the little puppies didn’t go well with the teenager.

Is Naname Nakia Jackson Dating Someone?

Naname is in a relationship with her fellow schoolmate. They’ve been dating each other for quite some time now and even attended their school’s homecoming together.

Naname Nakia Jackson With Her Boyfriend
Rampage’s daughter went to homecoming with her boyfriend.

While most fathers are protective over their daughters and prefer them not to date at a young age, Rampage is more lenient. He has described his daughter’s boyfriend to be a ‘good kid’ and mentioned that he has no problems with the fellow. In replying to a fan’s comment on Instagram, he said,

“I have no problems with him. My daughter and I made a deal, as long as she never lies to me I’ll always be nice to whomever she dates. If I catch her in any lie once the deal is off!”