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Is Carol Davis Still Alive? Her Life After & Before Husband’s Death

Widely known as the “First Lady of Raider Nation”, Carol Davis is the widow of the Oakland Raiders ex-owner, Allen ‘Al’ Davis. She’s been in the spotlight ever since her hubby took over the ownership of the NFL team. The fans also refer to her as their “mother”.

So, what’s behind Carol’s life as an esteemed celebrity spouse? What was her marriage with Al like? And more importantly, is the woman still alive? Read the entire article below to learn some exciting details about Mrs. Davis.

A New Yorker By Birth: Carol Davis

Carol, originally, Carol Sagal is a native of one of the most hustling-bustling cities in America – New York. She was born in the year 1930 as the only daughter of her parents whose identity remains anonymous. Nevertheless, her folks sure did a wonderful job raising Carol into the woman she’s so fondly celebrated today.

To add further, she studied at New York University, following her high school graduation. There, young Sagal pursued a marketing degree.

Carol Davis Met The Love Of Her Life Al Davis Before He Left For The Army

The exact details of Al’s encounter with his then-future bride are kept somewhere, locked in a hidden box. But, that won’t stop us from digging further now, would it? Tabloids across the Internet believe that the love birds met in the late 40s or early 50s.

The former owner of Raiders, Al Davis and his wife, Carol
Al and Carol looking incredibly happy together

Moreover, their courtship was short and sweet. And right before Allen left for the US Army, he proposed to Carol in 1952. The couple made it work long distance as Davis served as a football coach for the military in Syracuse. Fast forward to two years later, they were married! Carol’s wedding with the man of her dreams took place in a Brooklyn synagogue in 1954.

They Had A Happy 57-Year-Long Marriage

It is rare to see a married pair last together for as long as Al and Carol did. They were each others’ soulmates and best friends, and never once did they leave each other’s side. In the course of their 57-year-long marriage, the couple moved frequently. From having a home near Atlantic Beach, New York, and Piedmont, California, they traveled back and forth to be with each other.

Furthermore, the pair was blessed with a baby boy a year following their nuptials. Mark M. Davis is the only son of Al Davis and his partner, Carol. The celebrity kid was born on the 18th of May 1955.

She Worked With Retail Stores In The Early 60s

Carol Sagal was a working woman before her spouse joined the NFL team, Oakland Raiders in 1963. With a degree in marketing, she previously worked as a buyer for retail stores. Basically, her job was to help such stores in choosing what designer clothes to sell. However, she became a homemaker once her husband’s career with the Raiders took off.

Carol Suffered A Near-To-Death Experience Back In 1979

In October of 1979, an unfortunate condition almost took her life. Mrs. Davis suffered a major heart attack back in the day, followed by a stroke. It further left her in a coma for 23 days.

Carol Davis, Al's wife is still alive and well
A current photo of Mrs. Davis

The Davis’ family doctor, Dr. Bob Albo took care of her at the time. During an interview, he expressed,

When I first saw her, she was dead.

Eventually, her condition did get better, thus making a full recovery. It even left the doctors in awe. Dr. Albo added in the interview,

It’s a miracle, no question about it. I’ve never seen anyone that sick make such a recovery.

As other articles confirm, her husband accompanied her during the hardships. Al Davis slept in the bed right next to hers and would talk into her ears for hours, although she wouldn’t respond. Even more so, the man left his job for the time being and shifted all his focus to Carol.

Does Her Previous Diagnosis Affect Her Life Today?

Since she’s living a healthy life even today, we do not think her previous diagnosis is interfering in any way. Yes, Carol does need a walker to move and has to be pushed around in a wheelchair, but she’s happy with her current lifestyle. The motivation that her husband provided her while she was sick has stayed with her since. As of 2024, she’s 94 years old.

She Became A Widow At The Age Of 82

Carol unfortunately lost her husband Al on 8th October 2011. The former owner of a football franchise quietly passed away in his home in Oakland.

Carol Sagal's late husband, Allen Davis served in the military for two years
Allen ‘Al’ Davis – a loving husband, father, and the proud owner of Oakland Raiders

The cause of his death, as explained by TMZ was due to “a broken heart”. Furthermore, it was cardiomyopathy i.e., irregular/abnormal heart rhythm, that killed Davis. According to the sources, he underwent throat surgery three days prior to his demise. On top of this, Sagal’s husband also suffered from aggressive skin cancer.

Following his tragic loss, a giant 93-foot Al Davis Memorial Torch was inaugurated at the Allegiant Stadium in 2020. It was his partner who lit the torch in his memory.

What Is Carol Sagal’s Net Worth In 2024?

Carol has a massive net worth of around $500 million, as passed on by her late husband. As per his will, the ownership of the Oakland Raiders was given to her and her son, Mark. The NFL team, currently famous as the Las Vegas Raiders, has assets worth over $6 billion.

Mark M. Davis is the only son of Al and Carol Davis
Carol Sagal with her only kid, Mark

Together, the mother-son duo owns 47% of the team’s shares. Although it is not even 50%, Al’s last wish was that the team would remain a family business for the Davises. To add, she paid 35% in estate tax after inheriting the wealth her famous spouse left her.