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Who Is Tiffany Glenn Burress? She Is A Lawyer & Businesswoman

Tiffany Glenn Burress has been married to Plaxico Burress for the longest time is is primarily known in the media for the same reason. The former Steelers wide receiver and Glenn have passed through the most difficult times in the course of their relationship, yet they’re still going strong! It’s about time we get to know the footballer’s wife, now, isn’t it? Fans still are unaware of the happenings of her life.

Well, that ends today! Read the entire article given below to know a little more about Tiffany Glenn.

Tiffany Glenn Burress Is A Native Of New Kensington, Pennsylvania

She was born in May 1978, making her only a year younger than her hubby. She was brought up in the city of New Kensington, Pennsylvania. Besides, it is unfortunate that the details of her life before she met Burress have been kept hidden somewhere in a locked box.

More specifically, it is hard to dig up information on Tiffany’s family. Information including the names of her parents, their professions, whether or not she grew up with siblings, and that of her childhood are not readily available. Perhaps, Glenn is the type of woman who likes to present herself as a “mystery”.

Genn Is An Alumni Of Penn State; Her Qualification

Tiffanny Joi Burress is comparatively more open regarding her education. After the completion of her high school diploma at Valley High School, she pursued a Bachelor of Arts degree in Labor and Industrial Relations at Penn State University; she graduated in 2000.

Plaxico Burress's wife is from New Kensington, Pennsylvania
The gorgeous lawyer/businesswoman, Tiffany Joi Glenn

Following this, she enrolled herself at the Thomas R. Kline School of Law at Duquesne University in 2001. Fast forward to four years later, in 2005, she graduated with a Doctor of Law (JD) degree.

Tiffany Glenn Burress Is A Lawyer By Profession

Plaxico’s wife is an accomplished attorney at law. With a license to practice in New York and New Jersey, she assists her clients in family law matters, looking into cases of divorce, child support, custody, visitation rights, and so on. Additionally, she’s a personal injury attorney who deals with cases concerning vehicular accidents. Not only this, but she also provides legal advice to celebrities.

According to her LinkedIn profile, she’s currently serving as a lawyer at Brandon J Broderick Law Firm. Burress began working with them in October 2021.

Over and above this, she has some impressive past experiences as well. From July 2016 to October 2021, she moved from one firm to another; Graces, Grabler & LebBroq, and Corradino & Papa, LLC. are her former workplaces. Furthermore, at DAME Legal, she served as a partner for six years.

She Also Runs A Fashion Brand That Deals With Maternity Clothes

In January 2013, the attorney launched her brand, Joiful Maternity. The sole purpose of it is to make pregnant women feel fashionable even while carrying a baby; that too, at an affordable price.

To add further, the idea for a brand like such came to her while she was pregnant with her second child. It was tough for her to find good clothes to wear, especially since she “always paid attention to fashion and fashion trends”. Moreover, she felt that pregnancy isn’t something that should stop mothers from feeling good in their skin. Thus, she designed a maternity line of her own.

As of 2024, the brand is in full swing! It’s run by Tiffany, and all in a while, she juggles her full-time job as a lawyer and a mother of two.

Tiffany Is A Former Olympic Qualifier

He previously ran for the track team at Penn State. She was an asset to her team and competed in the Big Ten Championships, running 100-meter dash races. Surprisingly enough, she was also an Olympic qualifier. Nonetheless, her athletic journey was short-lived as she was more inclined towards working with the law.

Plaxico Burress And His Partner Are Still Strong Even After 19 Years Of Marriage

Tiffany and her partner, Plaxico met in the early 2000s. After a few years of courtship, they decided to spend the rest of their lives together. The lovely pair got hitched in 2005 and have been in each other’s lives for a little more than two decades – out of which, they’ve been married for 19 years!

Footballer, Plaxico Burress married his wife, Tiffany Glenn in 2005
A lovely family of four – Mr. and Mrs. Burress with their kids, Elijah and Giovanna

Let us tell you that it’s not been easy for them. For as long as they’ve been together, the husband-wife duo has endured a lot of pain and hurt. But above it all, the two of them have not given up. To this very day, the love they share continues to bind them together.

Furthermore, they have been side-by-side in ventures too. The former NFL player helps run Joiful Maternity with his wife. On a similar note, she appeared on Celebrity Wife Swap in 2014 alongside the love of her life.

The Duo Has Two Kids

Mr. and Mrs. Burress are blessed enough to have children of their own. They have two kids – an older boy and a younger girl.

Elijah Burress is the pair’s firstborn. He was born in 2006 i.e., only a year after his parents got married. The teen is currently in high school. Interestingly enough, he was born with his father’s incredible athletic skills. He is a standout for his team at school at the moment.

On a similar note, Giovanna Burress is Plaxico and Tiffany Joi’s baby girl. She was born in November of 2009. At the time of her birth, her mother was alone since her father was in jail. Furthermore, since he wasn’t given any telephone rights yet, Burress came across the news of his daughter’s birth two days later.

Mrs. Burress Was Overjoyed On Her Husband’s Release From Jail

In August 2009, the ex-Giants star was sentenced to two years in prison on account of illegal possession of a weapon. While having a good time in a New York nightclub, he accidentally shot himself in the thigh with his Glock pistol. His recklessness, in turn, led to a full-blown investigation – the police found a 9 mm handgun, a rifle, and ammunition in his NJ home.

Tiffany Glenn's husband was sent to prison in 2009
Reunited once again – Plaxico meeting his wife and daughter after his release

Out of 24 months, Glenn’s hubby only spent 20 months in prison. He was released on 6th June 2011. CBS New York captured Tiffany’s emotions a few days prior to her spouse’s release. Counting days when she meets him again, she said,

I just get tears in my eyes, happy tears.. a free man and be able to come back to his family.

She added,

I just want to see him happy. Wherever he wants to go, I’ll just support that 100 percent.

Burress is lucky enough to have a good woman by his side. Perhaps, her goodness is what makes him keep coming back to her.

Other Lawsuits & Legal Actions

The husband and wife previously went through two foreclosure lawsuits. A year after he went to prison, their South Florida home was ceased. They failed to pay a mortgage of $2.9 million for their $4 million home in Light House Point, Fort Lauderdale.

Likewise, a second foreclosure lawsuit hit them as their mansion in New Jersey was ceased in April 2018. The pair bought the house back in 2005 for $1.5 million and were behind their mortgage by $700K. It was further reported that the ex-professional athlete paid off the amount to avoid jail time.

That’s not all – a simple argument between the couple also led to two restraining orders against the former footballer. Right before the gun incident, his wife had reported two domestic disturbances in August and September of 2008.

Tiffany And Her Hubby Share A Million Dollar Net Worth

Together, the couple shares a net worth of $1 million. However, they were much richer before.

Tabloids across the Internet claim that Burress earned $29 million in his career in the NFL. Sadly, the legal troubles almost bankrupted him. Before things went down, they were the owners of two grand mansions, worth millions in Florida and New Jersey.