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Plaxico Burress’ Wife, Girlfriend, & Net Worth

Plaxico Burress, the former wide receiver for the Steelers, headlined back in 2008; however, not for any good reasons. The man’s career in the NFL met with an untimely end following his arrest back then. Over the years, he has transformed himself and is thus leading a good life.

Having said that, there may still come hurdles along his path, but lucky for him, he has a supportive wife to back him up. Over and above this, Burress is fulfilled with a loving family of his own.

Read the following article to gain a detailed understanding of the Michigan State alum’s life; from his love life and net worth to his arrest and career, you’ll find all the information down below.

Plaxico Burress’ Wife, Tiffany Glenn Burress Is His Biggest Support

The woman behind the athlete’s incredible smile is his life partner, Tiffany Glenn Burress. A graduate of Penn State, Glenn is an attorney by profession. Currently, she’s working hand-in-hand with Brandon J Broderick Law Firm. Besides, she’s also worked with Graces, Grabler & LeBrocq, and Corradino & Papa LLC.

Ex-footballer, Plaxico Burress is married to lawyer, Tiffany Glenn
The husband-wife, Plaxico and Tiffany, with their kid

Additionally, the New Kensington native is a businesswoman. She has her very own maternity clothing brand, Joiful Maternity; it was established in January 2013. What’s more, she used to run for the track team at the university and is a former Olympic qualifier.

Plaxico Burress’ Marriage Timeline

Plaxico and Tiffany tied the knot in an intimate wedding ceremony in 2005. Nevertheless, they’ve known each other for longer. Football fans across America believe that the couple met in the early 2000s. They further dated for a few years before getting hitched. As of 2024, Mr. and Mrs. Burress have been together for over 19 years.

In the course of their marriage, the duo has faced a lot of ups and downs. Typically, the receiver’s arrest posed many challenges for them as a wedded couple. Back in the day, Plaxico and his partner were figuring out their life as new parents – they already had a baby boy, and their second child was on the way. Even by the sounds of it, it was rough, but the pair fought through.

Talking about their children, the ex-footballer and his wife gave birth to their first kid, Elijah Burress in 2006. Like his dad, the young man is into football; he’s currently a high school football standout.

Likewise, his sister, Giovanna Burress was born in November 2009. At the time of her birth, Plaxico was in jail and only got the good news of his baby girl’s arrival two days later.

The Michigan State Alum’s Net Worth: He Is Not As Rich As Before

As of now, Burress has a net worth of $1 million. His present fortune, compared to what he owned in the past, has downgraded to a massive extent. Sources confirm that he made more than $29 million throughout his career in the NFL.

That’s not all, he also owned two houses worth millions, one in New Jersey and the other in South Flordia. Sadly, life took a massive turn, and his wealth decreased over time.

He Was Sentenced To Two Years In Prison In 2008

An “accidental” self-inflicted gunshot invited a lot of chaos in the life of the former footballer. On the night of 28th November 2008, he was at Latin Quarter, a New York nightclub on Lexington Avenue. The incident took place at the very place. He was illegally carrying a Glock pistol which literally backfired as he went down to pick it up from his pocket.

Two days after the incident, Burress surrendered. According to the reports, he was unaware of the “gun laws in New York City at the time”. Over and above this, his concealed carry license from Folirda had expired. Thus, he was locked up.

After posting a bail of $100,000 on 2nd December 2008, the Giants got rid of Plaxico as their wide receiver. Twenty-one days later, a search party raided his home in New Jersey. They found a 9 mm handgun, a rifle, and ammunition, all in illegal possession by the footballer. This ultimately led to his two-year jail sentence, announced in August 2009.

Nonetheless, he only spent 20 months in prison. On 6th June 2011, Plaxico was released from a protective custody unit of Oneida Correctional Facility in Rome, NYC.

The Burresses Faced Two Cases Of Foreclosure Following The Arrest

A $3.3 million foreclosure lawsuit was slapped across his and his spouse’s face on 22nd January 2010. As per the Broward County Circuit Court records, Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. filed the case against the couple. It was in concern to Burress’ home in Lighthouse Point, a little north of Fort Lauderdale in S. Florida.

In 2005, the newlywed pair bought their 6, 872 sq. foot home for $4 million. Plaxico further signed a mortgage for $2.9 million that he and his wife failed to pay.

On a similar note, in April 2018, his mansion in New Jersey was also in foreclosure. Based on an article by TMZ, he and his lover stopped “forking over” mortgage checks in July 2017. They had bought the home in 2005 for $1.5 million and were $700k behind on mortgage. Eventually, he avoided going back to prison by paying all the money back.

He Was Formerly Accused Of “Domestic Disturbance”

Merely a few months before the gunshot case, in August and September of 2008, Burress was inquired by the Totowa PD. Apparently, someone had reported two domestic disturbance cases against him; that someone was none other than his partner, Tiffany Glenn. Temporary restraining orders were also obtained each time but were later dismissed in state court.

The 46-Year-Old Grew Up In Slums And Was Raised By A Single Mother

On 12th August 1977, Plaxico Antonio Burress was born. His life, in the earlier days, was heartbreaking. The man that we know today was raised by a single mother, alongside his two brothers in the slums of Norfolk, Virginia.

Plaxico was raised by a single mother in the slums of Virginia
A high school portrait of the wide receiver

His mother, Adelaide Burress, worked as a bus driver back in the day. On top of this, she also worked as a housemaid to earn some extra cash. Her true dedication towards her children – Plaxico and his brothers, Ricardo Burress and Carlos Burress – can never be forgotten

His Mother Passed Away In 2007

As sad as it is, Adelaide is no longer among us. At the early age of only 49 years, she passed away in 2007. Nonetheless, her kids have remembered her every day since her death – especially, the former Jets player.

For him, his mother was a “role model”. She taught him the teachings of God and made him the man he is today. The sweet words of her, “God won’t put anything in front of you that you can’t handle”, still echo within her son’s heart.

The Former Footballer Only Met His Father When He Was In His 20s

As mentioned, the ex-NFL wide receiver was raised by a single mother; what happened to his father, you ask? Well, he was abandoned by his dad at a very young age.

The father-son duo also did not reunite until Plaxico Burress was 21 years old. Lawrence Davis, the athlete’s dad, has since tried to mend the broken relationship. However, he hasn’t acknowledged his relationship with his estranged father till today.

What Is Plaxico Burress Up To These Days?

Nowadays, Burress is enjoying a life in total peace. Interestingly enough, he has also completely transformed his life ever since his release.

The US Sun reported that he went back to complete his university degree. In 2019, he graduated with a Bachelor’s in Communications degree from Michigan State. In due course, he explored multiple career prospects for himself too. He designed his own brand of high-end socks, and co-hosted a Fox Sports Radio podcast, Up On Game.

At present, however, he’s working as an NFL Analyst. On 7th September 2014, he signed a contract with SportsNet (New York’s SportsNite) and made his debut. All in a while, he is still living in New Jersey with his wife and two children.