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Jerry Jones’ Wife Eugenia Jones Is a Peagent Winner

The owner, president, and general manager of the Dallas Cowboys, Jerry Jones is happily married to his wife, Eugenia Jones, aka, Gene. The couple, although quite famous in the arena of football, keep their life private. More specifically, the celebrity spouse doesn’t like to mingle with the media as much.

Keeping your curiosity in mind, we present you with some exciting facts about Mrs. Jones below. Read the entire article to get to know her a little bit more!

Eugenia Jones Is From Arkansas; Her Life Before Jerry Jones

Eugenia ‘Gene’ Jones née Chambers is a native of Danville, Arkansas. She was born on 15th March 1944 to her parents, John Edward Chambers II and Patricia Sloan Chambers. Her father was a banker, while her mother was a homemaker.

Jones’ father John II died in 1988 and her mom passed away on 21st February 2003.

Gene grew up in a well-settled home with three siblings. She has two sisters and a brother. The only brother among three sisters is John Ed. Chambers III. He still resides in their family home in Danville. Likewise, Eugenia’s sisters are Patricia Chambers Dixon and Katherine Chambers Counce who are married and live with their husbands. While Patricia lives nearby Eugenia, Katherine is in Springdale, Arkansas.

She is a Peagent Winner

At only 16, her life changed forever. In 1960, she won the Miss Arkansas USA beauty pageant. It further marked the beginning of her glamorous yet short-lived journey as a model. That same year, she pursued a higher education degree from the University of Arkansas.

Jones’s Partner Is An Art Enthusiast

Gene has a keen interest in art. The Dallas Cowboys Art Collection at AT&T Stadium and the Star in Frisco thanks her talent. She lent her hand to curate each piece on display.

In addition to being a member of the Board of Trustees at Southern Methodist University, she is an executive board for the Meadows School for the Arts. Not to forget, her dedication as one of the board of directors for the John G. Tower Center for Political Studies at SMU is highly appreciable.

College sweethearts turned life partners - Jerry Jones and Eugenia Jones
The Mr. and Mrs. looking immensely happy together

Furthermore, Eugenia is also an executive member of the art community in Dallas and is active in the President’s Advisory Council for the Dallas Center for Performing Arts. Following her, the Jones family has been a member of the Dallas Center for the Performance of Arts’ Founding Family Donor Program since 2004. They have, so far, contributed over $1 million.

She Helps Run The Gene And Jones Family Foundation With Her Hubby

Along with art, she is involved in philanthropy with her husband, Jerry. With the help of the entire Cowboys team, the couple has established and run the Gene and Jones Family Foundation.

The organization’s mission comprises fostering community service by helping those who aren’t able to help themselves, with a major focus on their partnership with The Salvation Army.

Gene And Jerry Met Through A Blind Date In College

While in college, the couple was set up to meet on a blind date by their mutual friends. Back in the day, the senior executive for the Cowboys was a football commander, while Gene was a freshman at the university.

Mr. Jones, the CEO of Dallas Cowboys, got married in 1963
An old wedding photo of Gene and Jerry (1963)

Thus, they were somehow set up and went to a state fair with some of their friends for the date. There, Jerry Jones tried to woo his future wife by attempting to win a teddy bear for her. He was already frustrated since all the other guys in the group were already successful in winning cute teddy bears for their respective dates.

The art enthusiast recalled the moments of her first-ever date during an interview. She said,

So he disappeared and a little later came right back, carrying the biggest teddy bear at the carnival and wearing a bigger smile on his face.

And, that was the beginning of a very long, blissful journey together for Gene and Jerry.

They Got Married Six Decades Ago

The pair began going out in 1960 and after three years of courtship, they tied the knot in the year 1963. The pair celebrates their wedding anniversary each year on 19th January. In 2024, they celebrate 61 years of togetherness!

The Couple Has Three Kids And Nine GrandKids

Eugenia Chambers is a mother of two sons and a daughter. The eldest of them all, John Stephen Jones was born on 21st June 1964. He is the executive vice president, CEO, and director of player personnel for the Dallas Cowboys.

Following him came, Charlotte Jones Anderson on 26th July 1966. She’s also the executive vice president and the chief brand officer for the Cowboys. Charlotte was previously married to D Shy Anderson.

Jerry Jones and Gene Jones have three children
The lovely family of five – Mr. and Mrs. Jones with their three talented kids

Finally, the duo’s youngest son, Jerral Wayne Jones Jr. came into this world on 27th September 1969. Now, like anyone else in the family, he’s also a part of the Cowboys team as their chief sales and marketing officer and executive vice president.

All three of their kids are grown up and have families of their own; each one of them, in turn, has three children. All in all, the whole Jones family is huge yet close-knit.

Family Is The Most Important Thing In The World For Eugenia

Keeping aside her business, Mrs. Jones always makes time for her family. As a matter of fact, her husband, kids, and grandkids are the most valued possessions for her in this whole world. Looking back at how things turned out for her, she once said that she “wouldn’t change a thing”.

Not only this but as a young couple, Gene and Jerry were always present for the kids. Regardless of the pair’s extremely demanding jobs, they came home every night to look after their children. One of their kids, Charlotte, also expressed that her parents always “stressed the importance of family” and that, for them, family always came first. All in all, Gene and Jerry’s gift of “presence” to their children is the one treasured by them to this very day.

The Pair Share A Massive Fortune; Net Worth And Earnings

Together, Eugenia and Jerry share a massive wealth worth $13.8 billion. Their NFL team alone stands tall with a huge net worth of $9 billion.

Not to forget, the husband-wife duo owns multiple properties across America; the most prominent ones are their mansions in Dallas, Florida, and a houseboat/yacht. According to the sources, the Jones family home in Dallas, Texas is worth $30 million.

It was bought for only $6 million back in 1992 by Mr. Jones. Likewise, their house in Florida, built in 2005, is worth over $6 million. Last but not least, they have a yacht worth $250 million as well.