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Who Is Amar’e Stoudemire’s Ex-Wife Alexis Welch? Everything You Should Know

Amar’e Soudemire’s former wife, Alexis Welch has been living a new life since the couple’s marriage took a great turn in 2020. The former couple divorced after a decade-long relationship but what was the reason?

Is Alexis In a new relationship after the split? Here are some interesting facts you should know about her.

Alexis Welch Is Close To Her Mother And Two Sisters

While her father, an entrepreneur, likes to lay low, her mother, Aretha Welch, often appears on her daughter’s social media posts. She was featured in one of the photos on Alexis’s recent Women’s Day post as well.

Born on 27th February 1983, Alexis seems to share a much closer bond with her mom than with her dad. Perhaps, she also got her “designing” skills from her; Aretha is an interior designer by profession.

Alexis Welch, Amar'e's ex-wife is close to her mother, Aretha
A perfect mother-daughter duo – Alexis and Aretha together

On a similar note, she grew up with siblings – two sisters, Danielle Welch and April Tawyman. The siblings, with a blend of Caucasian/African-American genes, seem to be close-knit as well.

She Is A Fashion Designer And Podcast Host

The wife of the former Miami Heat basketball player Alexis Welch is an all-rounding woman. In addition to being a designer, she runs a podcast too.

According to Welch’s Instagram, she has her own brand, Modern Luxury. You can frequently see her clad in the clothes from her brand. The brand itself is also quite famous; its clothing line has been featured in Miami Magazine‘s “Women of Style” column as well.

Moreover, her podcast, Dear Young Queen is popular among women. It is a dynamic platform where women of color can come and have meaningful conversations with the host. Most importantly, it has provided a platform for them to discuss topics they wished were discussed when they were “younger”.

She Has Worked In Movies

That’s not all – there’s just no end to her all-roundedness! According to IMDb, Welch has been credited as a director, make-up artist, and actress for multiple projects. Disintegration (2007), Caner Fairy (2011), and What Makes Your Team Special (2010) are some of them.

Alexis Was A Well-Rounded Sportswoman In High School

Before she stepped into college, she was one of the popular teens at her school. She was the star player for multiple athletic teams back in the day. Volleyball, basketball, and track – you name it, she’d be present everywhere!

Alexis Welch Met Her Former Husband Amar’e Soudemire When They Were 19

Alexis and Amar’e crossed paths for the first time in 2002 in Phoenix, Arizona. They were unaware of each other’s presence at a Nelly concert. While the designer was with her sister, Stoudemire was with his boy gang. But lucky for them, the concert was followed by an after-party where the duo actually encountered one another.

Miami Heat basketball player, Amar'e Stoudemire proposed his long-term girlfriend in Paris
The to-be Mr. and Mrs. staring at the new engagement ring

Both of them were at the very back since they were only 19 and not of the legal drinking age yet. Eventually, they caught each other’s eyes. Stoudemire was wearing a Joe Montana jersey – it was especially appealing to his future wife since she was from Kansas City but later moved to Arizona.

On the other hand, it seemed to him like she was the answer to all his prayers. During an interview, he revealed that a day before the concert/party, he had a one-on-one with God regarding “the type of woman” he wanted. As Welch talked about herself, her family, and her major at college, Amar’e fell for her.

Their Engagement In Paris

On 2nd June 2012, the American-Israeli athlete decided to ask his then-girlfriend to become his partner for life. He even chose the most romantic destination of all for the proposal i.e., Paris.

Alexis and Amar’e were on a trip to Cognac and Paris back then. The ex-NBA player had it all figured out – he booked an acoustic guitar player, and a saxophonist, made dessert, and had rose petals laid on a white carpet. It was all arranged on the balcony of Le Meurice Hotel penthouse suite, overlooking the Eiffel Tower.

In due course, he called the love of his life to join him for a romantic evening under the stars. They talked about the past, present, and the future. And, as he found a break in the conversation, he got up, walked around, went down on one knee, and popped the most-awaited question.

Following the engagement, the podcast host was interviewed. Talking about the proposal, she said,

It’s been a whirlwind. I’m so overjoyed. Everyone is calling, wanting to know all of the details. I’m marrying my best friend.

Not to forget, the ring was huge; a beautiful eight-and-a-half-carat radiant-cut diamond ring. Sources predict that it was valued at over a million dollars back then. Furthermore, it was an original design by an LA-based celebrity jeweler, Shayan Afshar.

12.12.12. Held A Special Significance For Alexis & Amar’e

If you thought their engagement was magical, wait till you hear about their wedding day! The former pair got married on an auspicious date – 12.12.12. They had an intimate wedding ceremony in their NYC apartment with a few of their friends and family surrounding them.

Nevertheless, a grand celebration of their love was held on 29th June 2013. The entire event was covered by Essennce.

Amar'e and his partner, Alexis had two wedding ceremonies
What a lovely pair – Amar’e and Alexis on their wedding day.

The ex-husband-wife duo wanted their extended family and friends to experience “royalty”. They invited a total of 175 guests; a rabbi and a reverend were present to officiate the second wedding ceremony. To add further, the groom was accompanied by eleven groomsmen, while the bride had six bridesmaids by her side. Furthermore, a tall yet elegant gold wedding cake caught the attention of everyone at the party.

Not to forget, the fashion designer wore a classy gold-encrusted gown by J. Anton. She paired the dress with a “one-of-a-kind” pair of shows by Nicholas Kirkwood. On the other hand, her groom wore a Calvin Klein tuxedo with custom embroidery on the back.

Capturing The Newlywed’s Feelings On Their Wedding Day

The pair shared their personal feelings with Essence on their wedding day; most typically, how they felt about each other.

Welch expressed,

I just feel like he’s my rock, I lean on him. I actually feel like with us growing up, he helped me to really come into my own as a woman. He brought that out of me, that confidence. As a leader of our family, I look up to him to be a great example for our sons and then our daughters for what a man should be.

Similarly, her hubby had heartwarmingly sweet feelings about her too. He said,

I probably love Alexis’s heart the most. She doesn’t have a mean bone in her body. She always has something positive to say about everyone that she meets and that rubs off from a spiritual standpoint. You want that type of atmosphere around you… that’s what makes her very special to me.

Alexis Welch And Stoudemire Already Had Three Kids Before Tying The Knot

The formerly married pair share four kids – two daughters and two sons. Interestingly enough, three of their children were already born before they got married.

Podcast host/fashion designer, Alexis Welch has two daughters and two sons with her ex-husband
Welch posing proudly with her four children

Ar’e Stoudemire, the eldest of them all, was born in 2005. After Ar’e’s birth, their second born, Amar’e Stoudemire Jr. came into this world in 2006. Likewise, before getting hitched, they expanded their family by one more – in 2008, Alexis and the athlete gave birth to their other daughter, Assata Stoudemire.

Just as importantly, their youngest son, Alijah Stoudemire was born in 2013. In 2024, the couple is co-parenting their children after the split.

The NBA Athlete Did Not Have A Smooth Marriage With The Designer

It was a rough ride for Welch and Stoudemire. They did not have a smooth marriage after all.

In mid-2017, her husband was sued by Miami native, Quynn Lovett. Apparently, the tall basketball player had cheated on his then-wife with Lovett and gotten the woman pregnant. She gave birth to his fifth kid, a daughter named Zoe Renee in 2016.

Basketball player, Amar'e Stoudemire cheated on Alexis and had a kid
Zoe Renee – Amar’e’s love child with Lovett

It was further reported that he was paying her $4,300 a month in temporary child support, while she wanted something permanent. The maternity bill alone was estimated to be around $11,000 and he had not visited his love child or the baby mama.

Over everything, even after ending the marriage, Amar’e wasn’t living in peace. In December 2022, he was convicted of domestic violence; allegedly, he hit one of his teenage daughters twice across the face. The athlete was also taken into custody but the charges were dropped very soon.

Their Amicable Divorce Was Finalized In 2021

After everything that went down between them, Alexis filed for divorce on 20th August 2020. It further took her husband a month to respond to her case. Moreover, after eight long months of back-and-forth court battles, their divorce was finalized in April of 2021. The official documents stated the reason to be “amicable”.

Amar’e Stoudemire Formerly Filed For A Divorce Five Years Ago

After it was revealed that he’d fathered a love child in 2017, the Phoenix Suns alum filed for a divorce with Welch. In October 2018, the official case was filed by him. Unfortunately, there was a lack of needed legal documents and follow-up. As a result, the case was dismissed by the judge in July 2019. Fast forward to five years later, his wife asked for a divorce and now they’ve gone their separate ways.

How Much Is Alexis Welch’s Net Worth?

The Dear Young Queen host has a net worth of around $1 million. Sadly, her wealth is nothing compared to her ex-husband’s. Stoudemire stands huge with a whopping fortune worth $70 million.

Previously, as a married pair, they lived in a grand mansion that the sportsman bought for $3.7 million. Amidst divorce rumors, People reported that he was selling their home for a dropped price of $3.5 million.