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Where is Linda Hamilton’s Son Dalton Abbott Now?

Dalton Abbott is the eldest son of The Terminator actress, Linda Hamilton. She and her ex-spouse, Bruce Abbott, the all-rounding film/stage actor, are parents to the star kid. Ever since the beginning, he’s lived a fairly quiet life; except for the one time he appeared alongside his mother in a movie as a toddler.

Take a dive below to learn some unknown details about Abbott’s life. What was his life like below? More importantly, where is he today? Read the full article to find out.

Dalton Abbott’s Early Life As A Star Kid

She was born on 4th October 1989 in Los Angeles, California. His childhood, unfortunately, wasn’t how you think it would’ve been. Shockingly, Hamilton raised him as a single mother. All in a while, she was struggling as an up-and-coming actress in Hollywood.

Sarah Connor, aka, Linda Hamilton's eldest son is Dalton Abbott
A single mother with her sons – Linda and Dalton.

We will get into the reason for his parents’ split later on. Nevertheless, it is to be noted that the Out of Time actor left Linda while she was pregnant with Dalton; for now, let us just tell you that he had a very good reason for leaving too.

Further adding about their relationship, the 34-year-old’s parents met in the late ’70s. Moreover, they tied the knot in 1982 but in 1989, they called it quits.

He Is The Eldest Kid Of Both Linda And Bruce

Yes, if we see it through only one angle, he’s the couple’s only kid. In the course of their relationship, they did not have any other children. However, after the unfortunate breakup, both Linda and Bruce moved on with their respective partners. Eventually, they had other children too. So, although he never had his siblings, Dalton Abbott grew up surrounded by his younger half-siblings.

How Many Half-Siblings Does Dalton Have?

He has two half-siblings – a sister and a brother. Both of them are younger than him.

Following Linda’s split with Abbott, Hamilton moved on with the renowned filmmaker, James Cameron. The pair began dating in 1991 and their kid, Josephine Archer Cameron was born on 15th February 1993. She grew up alongside Dalton with their mother in LA. The siblings presumably share a much closer bond.

Moreover, he has a younger brother from his father’s side, Tyler Quinlan. He is the son of Abbott and his lover, Kathleen Quinlan. He was born on 17th October 1990.

His Mother Publically Apologized To His Dad In 2004; The Story Behind Hamilton-Abbott Divorce

As mentioned earlier, the two actors went on separate paths in 1989. It was Bruce Abbott who thought it was time to leave Hamilton behind and move on. Thus, he left her – lonely and pregnant.

If you only hear this side of the story, you’d hate Abbott’s guts. But the real fans know that he did what he did for his own good. Apparently, the actress wasn’t treating him right in the relationship. She had undiagnosed bipolar disorder, in turn, making Abbott’s life a living hell.

Dalton's father, Bruce Abbott is a film, TV, and stage actor
Bruce and Linda

Meanwhile, Linda also publically apologized to her ex-husband back in 2004 for all the time she mentioned that he had left her alone. During the apology, she revealed the horrible behavior she had towards the father of her son. She said that she was “very physical at times” and used to throw glasses of water on his face to “make him suffer”.

Abbott’s mother said,

I think that after a while my dark dark place began to swallow him up whole. He lived in fear of me. He left me saying I was a bully.

Moreover, she was diagnosed with manic depression years after the birth of her younger daughter. At present, she’s managing her symptoms well; Hamilton is on medication that helps her balance her mood swings.

Dalton Abbott Is A Former Child Actor

2-year-old Abbott starred alongside his mother in Terminator 2: Judgment Day in 1991. He appeared in the role of infant John Connor.

Dalton Abbott starred alongside his mother in Terminator 2
Abbott as infant John Connor in Terminator 2

Surely his appearance was made possible by Hamilton. Back then, she was dating the creator of the film. Besides, the movie was a grand one – it won 32 awards including four Oscars, and was nominated for 33 more.

What Does Dalton Do For A Living Today?

Bruce and Linda’s son’s professional life is hidden from the world. Therefore, it is hard to figure out what he does for a living. Nonetheless, it isn’t acting- that’s for sure. Although he did have a liking for the field in the beginning, he moved away from it later in life. According to the sources, he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in 2015 and chose a path he’s the most passionate about.

Is Hamilton’s Kid Married?

Presumably, he’s married and might have kids. However, the details remain a mystery to us. As mentioned, the star kid likes to lay low – he doesn’t have a proper social media presence and lives a quiet life these days. Because of this, it is next to impossible to figure out details of his personal life, especially, his love life.

Dalton’s Whereabouts And Net Worth In 2024

The secretive celebrity kid has a net worth of $2 million in 2024. On a similar note, it is believed that he lives near his mother in LA these days.

Talking about his mother, Hamilton, the Mr. Destiny actress has a net worth of $70 million. On the contrary, her former spouse, Abbott is estimated to be worth $35 million.