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John Reaves’ Wife, Love Life, Net Worth, & Career

The former quarterback of the NFL, John Reaves was an alcoholic for 20 years. His history with alcohol cost him his marriage. Yes, you heard it right. His ex-wife left him because of his addiction. 

Many know he is a divorcee but only a few know the identity of his ex-partner. Well, let me tell you, he married Patricia Bohannon. Before their love story went down, these two were the Golden Couple.

Find out more about his love life, career, and net worth in this article.

John Reaves Met The Love Of His Life In College

John met Patricia Bohannon (Patti) at the University of Florida before his sophomore year. As per Reaves, she was gorgeous and had blonde hair. Patti was crowned Flordia Citrus Queen as she was a model back in college while he was the quarterback for the team.

John Reaves ex-wife, Patricia Bohannon in a modeling event
Patti was crowned Florida Citrus Queen in 1967.

Both of them were party animals. Reaves was addicted to alcohol while his girlfriend liked to get high. These two partied with their teammates, high society members, and consumed marijuana regularly back when they were in college.

John Reaves Married His Wife Patrica After He Started Playing In The League

Reaves married Patti on June 30, 1973, the year he was drafted into the league. They weren’t the typical married couple. The two were sharing pills and pots during their first year of marriage.

After a year of marriage, the couple gave birth to their daughter, Layla Kiffin on January 3, 1974. As for a fact, Layla married Ole Miss Rebels football head coach, Lane Kiffin in 2000 and divorced him in 2016.

Besides a daughter, they have two sons, Stephen Reaves and David Reaves. David is working as the co-offensive coordinator and passing game coordinator in South Florida. As for Stephen, he is a former professional Canadian football quarterback.

Their Marriage Turned Sour But They Kept Trying

The Reaves couple were happy for the first few years of their marriage but soon their love story took a different turn. However, they didn’t quit, especially Patti. When she turned to a new life after quitting drugs, she tried changing her hubby but he was suspicious of her.

Addiction wasn’t their only problem, the family was in huge debt. Patti sold her jewelry to pay back the amount, but things didn’t get better in the relationship department.

Patricia Left John At Least 10 Times Before Finally Getting Divorced

Whenever the couple had arguments, Patti would leave John but always came back. They would fight so often that she had a packed suitcase under the bed.

She finally started thinking about divorce in 1976 but gave her partner another chance to fix things up. But in the end, Patti left John for good and their divorce was finalized in 2000. After their separation, she moved to Bayshore, Tampa and he lived in an apartment. As per sources, the kids stayed with their dad. Reaves shared how divorce broke his heart.

Did John Remarried After His First Failed Marriage?

No, there is no news of John getting married again. After his divorce, he got deep into his addiction which destroyed his health. He was on a journey of staying sober and dating was the least of his concerns at that time. He spent his sober years raising his children. Reaves may have dated a few girls but he didn’t marry anyone.

As for Patti, she stayed outside the spotlight and lived a quiet life in Knoxville. As far as we know, she stayed single for the rest of her life.

Details About John Reaves’ Football Career

Reaves started playing football in high school. He was the quarterback for T.R Robinson High School, Tampa. He even led his team to the national championships in his senior year. After graduating from high school, he joined the University of Florida where he was a star player. He won numerous awards during his time in college.

John Reaves in the field
John used to play in the league.

As for his professional career, John was drafted in the 1972 NFL Draft by the Philadelphia Eagles. After playing for the Eagles for two years, he was traded to the Cincinnati Bengals. The player then played for the Minnesota Vikings for a year before signing with the Tampa Bay Bandits in 1983 for the USFL. He played with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers before retiring from the league. Overall, he played eleven seasons in the NFL and three seasons in the USFL.

After his retirement, he was an assistant football coach for the Florida Gators for four years. He then became the assistant coach for the South Carolina Gamecocks.

How Much Was John’s Net Worth When He Died?

As per sources, Reaves had an estimated net worth of $5 million before he passed away. There is not much information available about his earnings and salary but we can assure you that he earned a significant amount from his NFL and coaching career.

Mystery Behind John Reaves’s Death

He died at the age of 67. His son, David found him dead at his home on August 1, 2017. The exact cause of his death hasn’t been revealed but many assume that it may be due to his history with addiction. According to his family, he seemed healthy during his last days. There were no signs of foul play or trauma which implies it was a natural death.