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Katie Hamilton Dated His Daughter’s Friend After Divorce From Josh Hamilton

Katie Hamilton had her fair share of ups and downs in her life. In the early 2000s, she struggled in her marriage with the former baseball player, Josh Hamilton. When they finally called it quits in 2015, she survived her lowest point to make a living for her children. Now, after a few years of her divorce, she has made a successful career.

Her 10-year-long abusive relationship taught her some life lessons that made her stronger. She has turned into a strong capable woman because of her past sacrifices. Learn more about this strong lady in this article below.

Katie Hamilton Lost Her Brother In Her Childhood

She was born Katie Chadwick in 1981 to parents Michael Dean Chadwick and Janice Chadwick. Her dad grew up on the streets when he lost his father at a young age and fell into the trap of addiction. He finally made it past the dark times and married the love of his life.

As for her siblings, she had a younger brother, Michael Junior who died at eight years of age. The cause of the death is something personal that she wants to keep private. Besides, she also has an elder sister, Krista who is married to Dillon Brown.  The native of Raleigh, North Carolina graduated from the local high school.

What Does Katie Do For A Living? Her Career Details

The 42-year-old is a public figure who makes a living out of acting. Besides, she is an author, public speaker, influencer, investor, podcast host, and philanthropist.

She made her debut with Stay(2011) and ever since she has worked on The Inflicted (2012) and Friends Online(2017). She started gaining popularity from her performance in the Real Housewives of Orange County in 2015. She was seen in another reality show, Marrying Millions (2019).

Josh Hamilton's ex-wife, Katie Hamilton
Katie is an all-rounder.

Hamilton is also a drummer in a band and she shares glimpses of her performances on her social media. She also has a podcast, When Life Throws You A Curve & How To Make The Adjustment which navigates life’s unexpected challenges. She is currently also writing a book about her life.

Chadwick Met Her Then-Husband Through Her Father

Michael Chadwick, the father of Katie was the mentor of Josh. When Hamilton was facing problems with drugs and addiction, he turned to Michael for help. The two were working together when he laid eyes on his daughter. Katie was already the mom of Julia Shea before she met Hamilton.

Katie with her ex-husband and daughters.
Katie with Josh and her four daughters.

Within four months of dating, Josh and Katie tied the knot on November 10, 2004. Katie said, “It was that fast, but when you know, you know, In three weeks I went from thinking I had no feelings for him to wanting to marry him.”

The couple gave birth to their first daughter, Sierra Hamilton in 2005. Besides the eldest, they share two more girls, Stella Faith, and Michaela Grace.

She Tried Hard To Sustain Her Marriage

After a few years of togetherness, the couple started facing challenges when Josh fell back into addiction. It later came to the surface that Hamilton was abusive and unfaithful in their relationship. They parted ways a few months after their tenth anniversary when he admitted to falling back into cocaine and alcohol addiction.

Within a year of their marriage, the ex-couple started arguing, leading to Katie kicking her husband out of the house. He moved in with his maternal grandmother for a short period. However, the two gave their marriage a second chance which lasted for 10 years before finally calling it quits.

They Had A Messy Divorce

Josh filled out the divorce from Katie in 2015. The petition was filed in late February, in Tarrant Country, Texas. The former player wasn’t allowed to see his children without supervision and was banned from visiting the couple’s properties. Though they had joint custody of their kids, Katie got primary custody as they didn’t have a strong bond with their dad. She also received $10 million as a settlement.

Hamilton with her ex-husband, Josh
Katie and Josh got divorced in 2015.

As per his ex-wife, they didn’t have a big fight before the divorce so she was shocked with his decision. She even insisted on going to couple therapy instead of calling it quits. The reason behind their separation was labeled as internal conflict initially but after all these years, Katie shared how hard her life was with her abusive ex-hubby. She said the separation was his way out instead of dealing with the situation.

Katie Hamilton’s Boyfriend Was Her Daughter’s Friend

Hamilton found her then-boyfriend, Kolton Pierce, 26 through her oldest daughter, Julia. She invited some of her friends over along with Kolton and he instantly hit it off with Katie. Within eight months of dating, they started the reality show, Marrying Millions. The then-couple was bashed out on social media for fake dating but Kolton shut out all those rumors.

Katie and her then boyfriend, Kolton Pierce
Katie and Kolton broke up within a year of dating.

The two struggled a lot in the first season but ended the show with a good sign. However, things went southhill after the finale. Pierce revealed his split from Katie in an interview. He shared how their morals and values didn’t align and she was done with him. Looks like both of them have moved on from this relationship and are focusing on their respective careers.