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What Is Michael Wahlberg’s Net Worth? His Career, Love Life, Full Bio

Michael Wahlberg is well known as the eldest son of the Ted star, Mark Wahlberg. As of now, the celebrity kid has all grown up and is enjoying his teen years. Like the devoted family man that he is, Mark often shares snippets of his son’s life on his social media. However, that’s not enough to know young Wahlberg now, is it?

So, the article below is the right place if you want to know the Boogie Night actor’s kid well. Read the full piece today to learn some exciting facts about Michael. From his net worth, career, and love life, to his early life details – all information has been presented below!

Michael Wahlberg’s Net Worth: Lives a Luxurious Life

Since Mike is only a teenager, he is yet to have a well-established career. Nevertheless, Michael enjoys a well-settled lifestyle because of his parents combined fortunes.

Mark Wahlberg's son is 17 years old and drives a $40 k worth SUV
Michael standing in front of his brand-new car, a new Ford Bronco.

According to the sources, his dad, an esteemed actor in Hollywood, has a whopping net worth of $400 million. Moreover, his mother is no less. She’s a multi-millionaire! model/mother. Rhea’s net worth is $50 million. Together, the husband-wife duo share their vast fortune with their four kids, including Michael.

Recently, the family of five also moved to a new home in Nevada from LA. Their brand new, two-story, 7,327 sq. ft. house is valued at a whopping $14.5 million. Furthermore, the house is located in the Summit Club, a private community that offers various luxurious amenities. The star kid can enjoy golf as well as tennis within the bounds of his community.

The Teen Drives An Expensive SUV

On his 17th birthday, Mark and Rhea gifted their baby boy with a brand new Ford Branco. Based on our research, the high-end SUV starts at a price above $40k.

The photos of Michael standing next to his birthday gift were posted on both of his parents’ social media handles.

Michael Is In High School Today

He is a senior in high school. As we speak, he might be looking into colleges to apply to as well.

Now, since the kid isn’t available on social media, it is hard for us to debunk the happenings of his daily life. Nonetheless, we do assume he is one sincere student. Not to forget, he also has his father’s athletic genes which we will get into shortly.

Will He Follow In His Parents’ Footsteps?

Perhaps, he will follow in his father’s footsteps, but wait, it’s not what you think. As Mark’s fans, you must be aware that he is into martial arts. Now, as they say, “like father, like son” – Michael is also in martial arts. According to his dad, he is fond of MMA, jiu-jitsu, and muay tai as well.

Moreover, this athleticism could go a long way for him if he decides to act on it in the future. On the other hand, there’s also a high chance that he could follow modeling like his mother. Even better, he could become an actor as well.

The Star Kid Is Reportedly To Be In A Relationship

At The Family Plan premiere on 13th December 2023, Michael made an appearance with his parents on the red carpet. However, he wasn’t alone – a girl was accompanying him.

Michael Wahlberg attended "The Family Plan" premiere with his parents
Mr. and Mrs. Wahlberg alongside their son, Michael, and his presumed mystery girlfriend

In the photos from the day, you can see a girl posing with the Walhberg family. She’s standing right next to Michael and he is putting your arm around her waist. By the looks of it, it seems the two are dating.

His Name Is Inspired By His Late Grandfather, Donald Walhberg

Mark Wahlberg and Rhea Durham welcomed Michael on 21st March 2006. And like him, his name holds a great space in his parents’ hearts, especially in his dad’s.

Mark Wahlberg's eldest son is Michael Wahlberg
An old photo of Michael where he’s still a kid

During an interview, The Other Guys actor revealed that Michael’s name is actually an ode to his late dad, Donald Wahlberg. While talking with Esquire, he expressed that his father “unknowingly” gave the idea for his son’s name.

Moreover, he said that his dad never called him by his actual name. Instead, Donald called Mark, “Monkey” which used to annoy him a lot. He further expressed,

So, I had my first sit-down heart-to-heart wit my dad, and I said, ‘Dad, I got to talk to you. I don’t like the name Monkey’. And he’s like, ‘Well, I’m sorry. I won’t ever call you that aain. What do yo want me to call you?’ And I said, ‘I like the name Mike.’

And well, that was that. Unfortunately, in 2008, Mr. Wahlberg passed away. His grandson never got to know him well, however, an essence of him survives with him.

Yough Wahlberg Is A Devoted Catholic

The Fighter star is a Catholic man. As per his interview with Today, he doesn’t start a day without performing a prayer, reading scriptures, or going to Mass. Moreover, he is not the type of guy to force his religion upon his kids. However, it came naturally to Michael.

On 29th May 2022, his dad shared a video of his successful confirmation of Catholicism. For those who do not know, it is a simple ceremony marking one’s connection with the religion. Mark was incredibly happy with his eldest son’s decision.


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Furthermore, in the video, we can hear him saying,

“Congratulations to my son Michael on making his confirmation. All the young people out there who were confirmed and taking their relationship with the lord into their adulthood, what a commitment you guys made. Congratulatulations to all of you.”

All About His Three Siblings: Ella, Branden, And Grace

Including Michael, the Wahlberg couple have three other children – one boy and two girls.

Actor, Mark Wahlberg and his partner, Rhea Durham have 4 children, including Michael Wahlberg
One happy family – Mark and Rhea with their 4 children

Their firstborn, Ella Rae Wahlberg is 20 years old. She was born on 2nd September 2003. Her birth was a bittersweet event for her parents – Mark lost his sister, Deborah Wahlberg, due to a heart attack on the same day. Today, Ella Rae is in college and is an equestrian.

Likewise, Michael’s younger brother, Brendan Joseph Wahlberg was born on 18th September 2008. As per the sources, his older brother wasn’t fond of him in the earlier days. However, the two boys share an inseparable bond today. To add, Branden is into basketball.

Finally, the youngest of them all is Grace Margaret Wahlberg. She was born on 11th January 2011. Now, like any other Wahlberg kid, Grace is also born with great athletic abilities. Sources confirm that she also loves horse riding.