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What Happened To Bettye Fulford? Where Is She Now?

Bettye Fulford was labeled a ‘pathological liar’ by her ex-husband, John Daly. What happened between them that made the golfer use such harsh words against her in public? Is that why they got divorced? Even after all these years, these questions are still unanswered.

Fulford’s divorce only made her stronger as she grew into a capable person. Now she is successful in her career. Find out about her relationship and career details in this article.

Bettye Fulford Came Into The Limelight After Her Marriage With The Professional Golfer, John Daly

Bettye and John married on May 8, 1992, in ¬†Arkansas. These two began seeing each other in 1990 right after Daly’s divorce from his first wife, Dale Crafton was finalized. Fulford met him while he was on the Hogan satellite tour. She was right beside him when he won the PGA Championship in 1991.

Bettye Fulford with her ex-husband, John Daly
Bettye was with John when he won the PGA championship.

The couple got engaged after dating for a few months but after their engagement, their relationship started going downhill. The primary reason for the conflict in their relationship was her life about her past relationship with John.

Bettye Fulford Lied To Daly About Her Marital Status And Age

When they first met, Bettye introduced herself as a 29-year-old divorcee. However, after their engagement, the truth about her age and marital status was disclosed. She was 39 years old and was still legally married to her former husband. She was also hiding her 13-year-old son from Daly.

The couple was initially planning on getting married on December 28, 1991, but instead announced their breakup right before Christmas. The golfer began seeing Paulette Dean, a model and that’s when Fuflord decided to announce her pregnancy and filed for the palimony and paternity suits against him. She later dropped the suits after they reconciled and got married four months after she got divorced from her previous partner.

Despite Their Reconciliation They Eventually Divorce In 1995

Though they initially reconciled to get married, Bettye and John eventually decided to divorce, which was finalized in January 1995. They started having troubles in their marriage in 1992. Things got worse at a Christmas party at their house in Colorado where they got into a heated argument.

Bettye Fulford and her ex-husband, John on the golf course
Bettye and John got divorced after a heated argument.

According to police, Daly pushed her against a wall and pulled her hair for which he was charged with third-degree assault. He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to two years probation and completion of a domestic violence program. Soon after that, he filed for a divorce. However, in his autobiography, he said that he has never physically hurt a woman.

She Is The Mother Of Two Children

Fulford shares a daughter with Daly. The former couple gave birth to Shynah Hale Daly on June 19, 1992. She also has an elder son from her first marriage whose name and details haven’t been disclosed to the public.

Talking about her little girl, she is a professional photographer also interested in the music industry. Despite their divorce, Shynah has a close relationship with both of her parents and she frequently mentions them in her social media. She even used to work for her father before pursuing her photography career.

Fulford Is A Hotel Convention Planner

The native of Georgia started her career in the hotel industry at the Georgia Hotel and Lodging Association. She used to be a hotel convention sales executive there. Even after all these years, Bettye is actively involved with this company. Besides, she is an active member of the International Association of Conference Centers and the International Association of Conference and Event Planners. She loves her career and said,

Being a hotel convention planner allows me to combine my passion for hospitality with my organizational skills, creating memorable events for clients. I thrive in this industry, constantly seeking innovative ways to make every conference a success.

Talking about early life, she was born in 1953 in Georgia. Her family and education details are kept private. She is currently in her 70s.

Did Bettye Fulford Get Married Again?

As per sources, Fulford has been single in the public eye after her divorce from Daly. She has now kept her personal life away from the limelight and there is no news of her remarriage.

Bettye's ex-husband, Daly's current girlfriend, Anna Cladakis
John is in a relationship with Anna.

However, talking about her ex-husband, John has been married twice after their separation. He married Paulette Dean the same year they got divorced and parted ways in 1999. The golfer then was married to Sherrie Miller whom he divorced a few years later. As of now, he is engaged to his girlfriend, Anna Cladakis.

Bettye And John Daly Are On Good Terms Now

Despite their bitter past, looks like the former couple are now on good terms for their daughter. Both of them share a close bond with their baby girl. Daly even thanked Fulford publicly in 2014 for her support during his PGA Championship win in 1991. Though these two haven’t appeared in public together since their separation, they have mutual respect for one another.