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Sherrie Miller, John Daly’s Fourth Wife, Arrested & Legal Turmoil

The former wife of the American professional golfer, Sherrie Miller Daly published a book a year after she was divorced with John Daly. Her marriage wasn’t all sunshine and roses as she had imagined, instead, she faced various struggles being in the limelight. Even after her divorce, she was constantly on the radar of the police for harassment, drug deals, violating rights, and many more.

The mother of three had ups and downs in her life but she had her parents by her side to support her. But the question is did they help her in her crimes?

Keep reading to find out.

Sherrie Miller Is The Ex-Wife Of Professional Golfer, John Daly

John and Sherrie got married on July 29, 2001, in Las Vegas. They met at a golf tournament in Memphis, Tennessee, in June of that year. Within a few weeks of their first meeting, she surprised her parents with her decision to get married to a golfer.

Sherrie Miller and her ex-husband, John Daly
Miller and Daly met at a golf tournament.

Daly already had three failed marriages with Dale Crafton, Bettye Fulford, and Paulette Dean before he tied the knot with Miller. He was also engaged to Shanae Chandler when they met for the first time. However, he called off their engagement after meeting Sherrie.

The golfer was also a father to two daughters, Shynah Hale Daly and Sierra Lynn. Similarly, she also had a son named Austin at the time.

What Happened Between The Couple That Led To A Divorce?

The then-married couple legally separated in 2010. However, they had been facing troubles in their married life since 2003. According to sources, Sherrie initially filed for a divorce in 2003 but dropped the case six months later. She filed for divorce for the second time on October 17, 2006, which was finalized years later in 2010.

During the entire process of their divorce, they were living together near Southwind Golf Course and also once got into a physical altercation. As per the reports, they got into a fight at a restaurant in Memphis in 2007. John showed up at a PGA tournament the next day with a scratched face and blamed his wife for attacking him with a steak knife. When authorities reached their house, she had already fled with their son.

Who Got The Custody Of Their Child?

Initially, Miller won the primary custody of Daly II and John was only allowed to visit them occasionally. However, the custody went to John in 2010 when she was arrested for interfering with his court-ordered visitation rights.

Sherrie's son, John Daly II with his father John Daly.
John got the custody of their son.

The race to the courtroom started in 2007 when the former couple accused each other. Sherrie claimed that she didn’t attack John and accused him of sexually assaulting her. She further added how he attacked her in a drunken rage and bruised his face to cover up his evidence. After dueling for days, they finally called a truce.

All Of Sherrie Miller’s Kids Have Different Father

Sherrie has three sons, Austin, John Daly II, and Brooklyn. She first became a mom in August of 1999 when her child, Austin came into this world. He is an aspiring artist and musician. Though the details of the father are kept under wrap.

Sherrie's children
Sherrie’s firstborn, Austin, middle child, John Daly II, and youngest son, Brooklyn.

Daly and Miller gave birth to their son, John Daly II on July 23, 2003. The 19-year-old joined the University of Arkansas and is currently playing for the Arkansas Razorbacks college golf team. He teamed with his dad to win the 2021 PNC Challenge. Despite his parents divorced when he was young, he still shares a strong bond with both of them.

She became a mother again in 2017 when her youngest born, Brooklyn arrived as her Christmas present. Her Instagram feed is flooded with his pictures and one can tell she loves her little one. She has yet to reveal the baby’s dad.

Both Of Her Parents Have Passed Away

Sherrie was born to Alvis Miller and Billie Miller in Germantown, Tennessee. Her dad passed away in January 2021 and she was right by his side holding his hand till his last breath.

She lost her mother within a month of her dad’s death. The details regarding her siblings aren’t available to the public. Talking about her education, she went to Collierville High School.

Sherrie Is An Author

Miller published her first book Teed Off My Life As A Player’s Wife On The PGA Tour in 2011. She shares how hard her life was being married to the pro golfer, John Daly. Before she became an author, she worked in the automobile industry.

In fact, she used to be a car saleswoman when she first met John. In 2006, she became vice president of human resources for nine-store Park Place Dealerships. As of now, she is a domestic goddess who has left her career for her kids. She is living in Memphis, Tennessee with her youngest son, Brooklyn.

Miller Has Been In And Out Of Jail

Sherrie has been arrested for gambling, assaulting, and violating rights. In 2003, a week after she gave birth to her secondborn, she was indicted on federal drug and gambling charges along with her parents. The three of them pleaded guilty in 2004. Sherrie went to prison for five months and then served five months of house arrest after she was released. As per sources, Daly didn’t know about his then-wife drug activities.

In 2012 she was jailed for harassing a woman who was seeing her then-boyfriend behind her back. Miller found sexually explicit pictures of her on her lover’s mobile and threatened her to release these photos which she did. For her actions, she was charged with harassment and extortion charges.

Besides these, she was arrested for breaking into a man’s house and attacking him with a golf club. The man was reportedly her then-partner.

Her Parents Defended Her When She Was Arrested In 2016

Miller was accused of taking her son, Austin from school, even though she didn’t have custody of him in 2016. She went to jail for violating her probation on a million-dollar bond. Her parents expressed their displeasure with the incident and defended her.

Sherrie Miller parents
Sherrie with her dad and mom.

When warrants were issued for the Millers, they told the police that they were the ones who picked up their grandson and he was at their house. Her dad, Alvis said,

“She didn’t get the kid. Me and Billie got the kid out here for his birthday party at my house, and I don’t have to ask if I can get the kid. I raised this kid.”