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Where Is Paulette Dean Daly Now? Inside The Life Of John Daly’s Ex-Wife

Paulette Dean Daly is the third wife of the American professional golfer, John Daly. She had an on-and-off relationship with the player before finally calling it quits in 1999. After her divorce, she has hardly been on the news except one time when she made headlines about her relationship with the former baseball star, Roger Clemens.

Dean has been out of media sight for more than a few decades and that has made people curious about her whereabouts. Let’s find out about her relationship history and personal details in this article.

Paulette Dean Used To Be A Model In Her 20s

She was a well-known model back in her 20s. In fact, she met her ex-husband, John Daly when she was a model. Though not much is known about her modeling days as she left her career after getting married.

Talking about her early life, she was born in 1967 and had a decent childhood. She spent most of her childhood with her parents and finished her basic education in her hometown before moving on to pursue her career in modeling.

She Was Married To The Professional Golfer, John Daly

Paulette married John on January 28, 1995. They started dating in 1992 when Daly had recently broken up with his ex-girlfriend Bettye Fulford. However, he ended their fling after he found out about Fulford’s pregnancy. The golfer married Bettye in 1992 and filed for a divorce a year later.

Paulette and her ex-husband, John Daly
Paulette attended Daly’s first golf tournament of 1995.

Dean and Daly reconciled when he called her after separating from his former wife. She flew to meet him in Memphis and ever since then they were inseparable. These two tied the knot immediately after John’s divorce was finalized.

Paulette Announced Her Pregnancy Before Her Marriage With John

Dean showed up with her baby bump at Daly’s first golf tournament of 1995. She gave birth to a daughter, Sierra Lynn on June 1, 1995. Even after their divorce, these two have a close relationship with their baby.

Paulette's daughter, Sierra Lynn with her half-sister.
Sierra with her half-sibling, Shynah Hale.

As of now, Sierra is living in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Talking about her career, she is doing great in the insurance field. She is engaged to Melissa Anne Robbins as per her Instagram handle.

The Former Couple Called It Quits After Five Years Of Marriage

Paulette and John’s divorce was finalized on August 20, 1999, but they had started having trouble long before. Initially, she filed for divorce in 1997 after arguing with her ex-husband in a hotel in Jacksonville. Security guards had to handle the situation and the golfer was taken to hospital after he complained about chest pain.

Dean gave a second chance to John a year later on one condition, no drinking. During that period, he became involved with another woman, Shanae Chandler, a recovering alcoholic. These two also started living together and that’s when Dean refiled for the divorce.

Were Dean And Roger Clemens Just Friends?

Paulette told the public that Roger and she were friends. However, in 2008, rumors about Clemens having an extramarital affair with Dean started surfacing after sources claimed they spent time together in Palm Springs, California. The former baseball pitcher even booked a trip to Anaheim Stadium for her to watch him pitch for the Yankees against the Angels.

Paulette Dean Daly and Rogers Clemens
Dean and Clemens were rumored to be dating.

Paulette first met Roger at the Bob Hope Chrysler Classic, a Palm Springs golf tournament. When asked about her relationship with Clemens, she didn’t deny the allegations but instead said,

” You know what, I’m really uncomfortable talking about this. I’m just going to have to say, ‘No comment. I consider him a good friend.”

However, after all these years. Clemens is still going strong with his wife, Debra Lynn Godfrey, and have four sons together. Looks like whatever Roger and Dean shared was short-lived.

Where Is Paulette Dean Daly Now?

Dean is living a quiet life away from the prying eyes. We don’t know her exact whereabouts as she hasn’t appeared in the media for a decade or so. As for her social media presence, looks like she has a Twitter account under @paulette_daly but there is a high chance of it being a fake account.