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Dale Crafton: Unveiling the Life and Journey as John Daly’s Former Spouse

John Daly moved to Blytheville, Arkansas after he married Dale Crafton. While he was struggling to make it to the PGA Tour, Crafton’s family stepped up financially but Daly didn’t like taking help from others. This strained their relationship and finally caused divorce.

Find out more about her and their relationship in this article.

Dale Crafton Has A Wealthy Family Background

Born in 1967, Dale is the daughter of one of the wealthy families of Blytheville, Arkansas. Though exact details about her parents are kept private, she was loved by them. As per sources, her grandparents even gave her a house as a gift at her wedding.

She got her degree in business management from the University of Arkansas where she met her future husband, John Daly. Talking about her career, she had a successful career as a hand model in her 20s.

Crafton Fell In Love With The Professional Golfer, John Daly In Her 20s

Dale met Daly at the University of Arkansas on June 28, 1987, when they were 20 and 21 respectively. At the time, he was playing golf for the college and that’s also time when he developed his drinking habit. After dating for a few months, these two tied the knot on December 26, 1987.

Following their grand wedding, the former couple settled in her hometown. They lived in a house gifted by Dale’s grandparents. He was trying to make it to the PGA Tour at that time.

She Got A Divorce From Her Husband, John

Daly and Crafton’s divorce was finalized on February 15, 1990. The reason for their divorce was labeled as irreconcilable differences. As per sources, the pressure of trying to make it to the PGA Tour and continuous fighting with his wife was too much for him and that’s what made them part ways.

These two started having troubles in their marriage when they moved to Blytheville. The golfer was miserable living there but did it anyway to please her. He said,

“I wanted to make her happy. Her grandparents gave us a house to live in, but I felt like a cheap person. I didn’t want anybody giving me anything.”

Dale Crafton Allegedly Took All Of Daly’s Money After Divorce

When Crafton took all the money after the divorce, John took out his anger at a hotel room during the South Africa tour. He got drunk and punched a television set in the hotel room which broke his hand. He won the tournament with a bandaged right pinkie. The golfer also paid back for the damages.

When asked about the incident, he said, It was after the first round of Swaziland, the South African tour. Me and Dale just got a divorce and she kind of took the money and I was upset that we got a divorce and all that and so, I beat up a hotel room.”

Did She Get Married Again?

Crafton’s love life has been a mystery ever since her separation from her former partner, John. With little information available online, we can’t exactly pinpoint her relationship status.

John Daly and his current girlfriend, Anna Cladakis
John and Anna have been dating since 2007.

As for her ex-husband, John has been married three times after their divorce. Right after their separation, he married Bettye Fulford but his second marriage ended in 1995.

Daly then was married to Paulette Dean for a few years before calling it quits in 1999. His last marital relationship was with Sherrie Miller which ended miserably. The golfer began dating Anna Cladakis in 2007 and in 2014, they got engaged. The couple is yet to tie the knot.

Where Is Dale Crafton Now?

Crafton is living a quiet life in her late 50s. She was in the spotlight after her marriage with John but when they divorced, she went back to living life behind the curtains. Talking about her social media presence, she is not active on any of the social media platforms.