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Who Is Charlotte Jones Anderson’s Husband, Shy Anderson? Full Bio

David Shy Anderson¬†is known among the Dallas Cowboys fans as the Jones family’s son-in-law. He was once married to the daughter of Jerry Jones, Charlotte Jones Anderson. Today, the marriage has ended. however, a lot of you are still eager to learn about Jerry’s ex-son-in-law.

In the article below, read everything that there’s to know about Anderson. Why exactly did his marriage with Charlotte end? Last we heard, the divorce has been causing immense pain to both parties.

Charlotte Jones Married Her Former Husband In 1991

Back when Charlotte was still a student at Standford, she had to attend a debutante ball in Little Rock. Since she was very new in California, she asked a friend of hers to set her up with a date. That’s where Shy Anderson comes into the picture!

Interestingly enough, the Cowboys executive only came to know the name of her date at the event. She was handed a formal invitation to the ball that read, “Your date is Shy Anderson” – it was the beginning of something.

The Cowboys executive, Charlotte Jones married her long-term partner in 1991
Charlotte and D. Shy

Moreover, the two of them had an on-again, off-again relationship in the beginning; that is until Anderson took his stand. He told her that does not just want to be her “Little Rock date”. Sooner than later, the couple tied the knot in June 1991.

To add further, they did not live together until after their seventh year of marriage. Up until their sixth wedding anniversary, Charlotte lived in Dallas, while he lived in Little Rock.

The Ex-Pair Has Three Kids – A Daughter And Two Sons

Their marriage was chaotic but it also blessed them with three extremely talented children. The ex-flames have a daughter, Haley Anderson, and two sons, Paxton Anderson, and Shy Anderson Jr.

Former celebrity spouse, Shy Anderson has a daughter and two sons
Haley, Paxton, and Shy Jr. with their father

Despite the messy divorce, the kids are close to both of their parents. Based on their Instagram, Haley, Paxton, and Shy Jr. equally spend time with their mom and dad. However, it is to be noted that they live much closer to their mother, Charlotte, than to their father.

Moreover, all three of them are the biggest fans of the Dallas Cowboys. One of them in particular, Paxton, might also join the team as he grows older. Currently, he’s the wide receiver for his team at the University of Texas.

All About Shy Anderson; His Birthplace, Parents

D. Shy Anderson, born in April 1963, is originally from Arkansas, although he’s currently settled in Dallas, Texas. Furthermore, he is an alum of the University of Arkansas. Anderson pursued a degree in Bachelor of Arts in Finance in 1981 and graduated in 1985.

He was raised by his parents, Samuel ‘Sam’ Winston Anderson and Ann W. Anderson. Shy also has a brother, Timothy ‘Timo’ Anderson. Moreover, his late father, who once served as a Lieutenant JG in the US Navy, later became a commercial real estate agent in the later days of his life. Sadly, Sam passed away on 13th December 2013.

Digging Deeper Into Anderson’s Professional Life

As the talented man that he is, Shy began his journey as a President at the Western Division for Alltel Wireless in March 1986. For 13 years, he was an important figure in the team, until he moved to work with the Dallas Cowboys.

All thanks to his former spouse, he got to work as a Vice President for Business Development for the NFL team. However, he abruptly left the job after two decades in 2018 due to some personal reasons.

David Shy Anderson was married to Charlotte Jones Anderson for 28 years
The ex-husband of the executive for Cowboys, Charlotte Jones

Aside from this, he had multiple part-time jobs as well. According to his LinkedIn page, Shy worked as an Executive Director for Papa John (2002-2018) and as a Seed Investor for True Velocity LLC (2012-2023).

On a similar note, he is a very busy man at present as well. Anderson is a Private Investor for Togolf, a Principal for Samuel Paxton Homes LLC, and a Principal/Managing Member for Hedgestone Investments LLC.

D. Shy Invented An Eyeglass Cloth – “Jerry Wipes”

While he was still working with the Cowboys, Shy used his creative mind to design an eyeglass cloth which he planned to name “Jerry Wipes”. The idea struck him as he was asked to wipe his father-in-law Jerry Jones‘ spectacles at MetLife Stadium. It was the first game of the 2012 season and the Cowboys were competing against the New York Giants.

Even more so, he talked to the Dallas Morning News about it. He said,

That can also be used for spontaneous shoe shining, if necessary.

He then added,

It started out as a joke, but let’s see how far we can take it.

On top of this, the CEO of the Dallas Cowboys, Mr. Jones also spoke up about his son-in-law’s idea. The wipes, which went on sale at $2.99 in lightning speed, made Jerry question the meaning of his team; “Jerry Wipes” had become a nationwide talk which did not sit right with him.

He further expressed that he had (/has) much greater plans for the team besides a simple eyeglass cloth. Moreover, he conveyed his disbelief that his team hadn’t won a Super Bowl in many years yet people were finding “Jerry Wipes” amusing and mocking it.

His Marriage With Jerry Jones’s Daughter Is Broken

So, what led to the end of the Jones-Anderson marriage, you ask? After 8 months of him leaving his job as the VP, his partner filed for a divorce in June 2019. For the next 3 years, both parties fought vigorously in court.

In 2022, The Couple Neared A Divorce; Has It Been Finalized?

As mentioned earlier, the divorce wasn’t very easy to finalize in the case of Charlotte and her partner. The former wedlock pair kept fighting over a 31-year-old premarital agreement.

D. Shy did not agree with the terms of the old agreement that he once willingly signed. It basically centered on how much community property should each one of them receive on separation. Based on the official papers, they had assets worth $1.34 billion together.

Furthermore, in April 2022, a hearing was conducted where a herd of attorneys from both parties were present to negotiate. The rulings, unfortunately, were made behind closed doors. However, it was last heard that the judge asked the attorneys to draft a final order in 30 days. Now, once it was signed, the divorce was final.

D. Shy’s Ex-Wife Has Moved On But He Hasn’t

The daughter of Jerry Jones has a new boo. According to her posts on Instagram, she has been dating a man named Amir Rozwdowski. Amir also often hangs out with her kids; he was present at Paxton’s recent game as well.

On the other hand, D. Shy hasn’t moved on. Currently, he enjoys a single life.

Is He As Rich As His Former Wife Is? Anderson’s Net Worth

No, he doesn’t even come close!

VP and executive for Dallas Cowboys
Charlotte Jones – the ex-Mrs. Anderson

The Arkansas native is a multi-millionaire. He has a net worth of $10 million in 2024. However, his ex-partner’s net worth is much greater than that. The executive for the Cowboys has a whopping fortune worth $100 million. Additionally, Dallas Cowboys, her family team, has a net worth of $9 billion.