You are currently viewing Insight into David Diehl’s Married Life, Wife & Past Relationships

Insight into David Diehl’s Married Life, Wife & Past Relationships

Former professional footballer, David Diehl was an asset to the New York Giants as their offensive lineman. He stayed with the team for almost a decade and was as loyal as one should be.

Keeping that aside, is Diehl also loyal in his personal life? We are trying to hint at his love life; is the former athlete married? If yes, who is his partner? More importantly, did you know that he’s married twice in this lifetime?

Well, read the entire article below to learn some exciting details about his romantic life. Additionally, keep reading to find out how much the man’s net worth is in 2024.

David Diehl Is Happily Married To An All-Rounding Female

David is happily married to his partner, Kristina Puhalj Powers, aka, Tina Powers. Although she likes to maintain a low profile, her man never fails to show her off. If you take a look at the former NFL player’s Instagram, you’ll know what we’re talking about; she is indeed the highlight of his life.

Croatian Christian, Tina Powers is former footballer, David Diehl's second wife
Madly in love – David and Tina

Meanwhile, Diehl’s wife has a private account on Instagram. That being said, we found a few details that might be helpful for you to get to know her a little.

Moreover, Puhalj, like her hubby, is Croatian and is a devoted Christian, according to her private Instagram bio. Based on her bio, the athlete’s wife is interested in real estate, meaning she is most definitely an agent.


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In addition to this, she’s also mentioned that she’s a producer. According to a few sources, she’s produced a few TV projects so far. Not to forget, Powers was also a model back in the day.

The Ex-Offensive Lineman Asked His Wife On a Date After 6 Years Of Friendship

Diehl and his life partner came across each other in 2010. It was through mutual friends that the couple was introduced. However, their lovey-dovey journey did not begin immediately. For the next 6 years, David and Tina remained friends.

The former professional footballer, Diehl is married to his Croatian partner
The lovely couple – David and Tina

It was in 2016 when the offensive lineman finally gathered his guts to ask her out. He approached her by explaining how he had been planning a date since the first time they met. David had dreamt of a scenario where the two of them were having dinner together. And lucky for him, she said yes!

Initially, the pair had a long-distance relationship. His girlfriend Tina was in Miami and he lived in New York. Nonetheless, they made things work. Just two years after they began dating, the ex-footballer went down on his knees and asked Tina to be his wife. And in 2018, he finally put a ring on it!

David And Kristina Wedded In a Croatian Traditional Wedding

Fast forward to 2023, the love birds finally tied the knot. It took them 5 years to plan a wedding. Interestingly, they flew all the way to Croatia to get hitched.

To add further, they had an intimate ceremony in Kozino, located near Zadar, Croatia. Only 50 guests were invited to the wedding. Wedding organizer, Zand Lifetsyle Management, did a fantastic job, reflecting both the Croatian and German roots of the bride and groom. Along with lavishly decorating the venue with assortments of flowers, they mixed checkered patterns as well.

Ex-offensive lineman, David Diehl married his partner, Kristina Powers in Croatia
A glimpse of the couple’s grand wedding in Croatia

Moreover, Tina wore a beautiful white gown with Jimmy Choo heels. On the other hand, her hubby wore a classy black tuxedo. Not to forget, a friend of David’s, the founder of the brand, Mache, customized matching sneakers for the newlyweds.

On top of everything, famous Croatian singers, Giuliano and the Kanella Band brought the party to life. The bride’s father, a musician/builder, surprised David and Tina with a performance of his own too. He sang multiple of his daughter’s favorite childhood songs.

Powers Isn’t The Footballer’s First Wife; Who Was The First?

As it’s already been mentioned – Kristina isn’t the footballer’s first and only wife. He was formerly married once.

Football coach, David Diehl has married twice in his life
The ex-Mr. and Mrs. – David in a picture with his first wife, Nicole

So, who is his ex-wife? According to several sources, Nicole Diehl was David’s first wife. The former couple used to appear in several events together, all the way till 2010. It’s been presumed that the pair tied the knot back in 2006.

Sadly, their relationship wasn’t meant to last long. Not so long after getting married, the football coach and Nicole called it quits. The reason, however, is unknown to this day.

David Diehl Has A Teenage Daughter With His Ex-Wife

In the course of his short-term marriage with his ex-wife, David became a dad. In 2006, he welcomed his darling daughter, Addison Diehl. She celebrates her birthday each year on 27th December. The girl is currently in her junior year in high school and is 17 years old.

The former footballer, Diehl has a daughter with his first wife
David, his second wife, Tina, and his daughter, Addison in a single frame

Addison is very close to her dad and stepmom as well. Looking at the pictures her father has posted on his Instagram page, the three of them have a close-knit bond. The teen often hangs out with the couple and goes on expensive vacations with them as well.

Is David and His Current Wife Planning To Have A Kid?

We don’t think the Mr. and Mrs. are planning to have a baby soon. They’ve not even been married for a year. On top of this, the footballer already has a teenage daughter to take care of. Therefore, we presume that they’ve paused on the idea of having a kid at the moment. Perhaps, in the years to come, we might hear good news.