Shades of Tyson vs. Secretariat as Newcastle United fan tries to fight police horse (video)

In a dramatic turn of events, several Newcastle United fans clashed with police officers which led to the arrest of 29 individuals. This mishap occurred after Newcastle’s defeat against Sunderland. After an intense north-east derby at St James’ Park, the home team lost the match 3-0, which made fans fuming.

During the power struggle between the officers and fans, four officers were injured. Sometimes after the ref blew the final whistle at St. James Park, the Newcastle fans started assembling in the city center. Soon a few of these fans started throwing bottles, and garbage cans toward the police. What’s more, a lot of them also threw garbage cans by setting them on fire. It was a typical English riot, however, there’s one more detail.

So one English gentleman was not happy with how they were fighting against the rival club fans or the officers, so he decided to jump onto a police horse and rode it through the tussle. Nevertheless, he was contained by two officers. The Northumbria Chief Superintendent Steve Neil said,

“Disappointingly, there was some disorder involving what appear to be Newcastle United supporters following the match in the city centre, including an incident at Central station. Disruptive behaviour of any kind is not tolerated. Inquiries will take place into these incidents and action will be taken against all those involved. Public safety is always our number one priority during any football match. For those who chose to get involved in disruptive behaviour they were either dealt with swiftly by officers or will be subject to retrospective action at a later date.”