S*x Ed with Al Michaels and Jared Allen

Like he always does, the veteran sports commentator Al Michaels in his recent telecast of Sunday Night Football telecast on NBC, injected some funny moments of levity and playfulness into his commentary.

The incident occurred when the commentator was discussing footballer Jared Allen. As his analysis went on, he made quite a humorous and somewhat suggestive comment, employing a clever play on words involving the infamous number 69.

The remark alluded to the inevitable encounter with the number 69, commonly associated with a particular position. Michaels suggested that, sooner or later, this numerical reference would enter the audience’s awareness or be encountered in some capacity. The colloquial expression “in your face” was employed, implying that the provocative number would become noticeable or prominent in due course.

Well, his choice of language and the overall tonality of his statement was such that it reflected a kind of wit and humor. No doubt, his words certainly embarked laughter among the audience. Not only this time but Michael has been known for his similar remarks and his sense of humor during the commentary and in general in life.