Soccer player gets yellow card for farting in the referee’s face

We often criticize referees for several reasons, good and bad. But we also need to take notice of the fact that they are not always the bad cop. More often than not they have to take crap from players. Well, here is one such incident where the player is the culprit and pays off for the offense with a yellow card.

This might sound funny but it was a player named Levi Foster of AFC GOP who farts on the face of Referee Bunny Reid of the Portsmouth Sunday league. It happened when the referee was walking past the player as he was tying the boots lace and unfortunately fart slipped off into Bunny’s face.

Of course, whether it was intentional or a mistake is quite offensive. As a result, the angry Reid had to toss a yellow card after he was talked and calmed down. Initially, the referee was very persistent about showing a red card but fortunately, the player managed to talk him into the yellow one.

Eventually, Levi propelled his team to a 5-0 win receiving the Man of the Match title. Well, as naughty as he could get, Levi did not forget to tease the referee saying “I had a curry the night before” after the end of the match.