BYU vs. New Mexico women’s soccer: Cheap shots, violence, fighting, and hair pulling

We have often heard of fights between teams during the matches. Well, here we have brought to you an instance where a fight between the women’s soccer team from BYU and New Mexico. Not many of us would expect but the women’s team turned out much more enthusiastic ass most of the players turned quite violent.

While not escalating into a full-blown brawl, the game was marred by numerous violent incidents, with one standout moment being Elizabeth Lambert’s hair-pulling of BYU player Kassidy Shumway. Lambert’s conduct on the field was nothing short of disruptive, engaging in several actions that could be considered reminiscent of the notorious Vinnie Jones.

One can’t help but question the officiating during this match. The video footage reveals at least five incidents that, in any other context, would warrant a red card. Allowing players to trip each other and make aggressive late tackles without consequence creates an environment where it’s hardly surprising that someone eventually resorts to pulling a ponytail.

Despite the chaos, BYU managed to secure a 1-0 victory, and miraculously, all players emerged physically unscathed. However, the focus should shift beyond the scoreline to the alarming series of events that unfolded on the field, prompting reflection on the adequacy of refereeing and the overall sportsmanship within women’s soccer.