Manu Ginobili kills a bat on Halloween: Video

In one of the rare moments, an NBA match was stopped by a bat. Yes, you read that right, a bad intervention in a match between the San Antonio Spurs and Sacramento Kings. There are two speculations as to what happened, it was part of the Spurs’ annual Bat Day giveaway or the bat had made the arena its home.

Shooting guard Manu Ginobili was exactly amused by the bat antics and wanted to get on with the game, much to his displeasure. Thus, the Argentine decided to take matters into his own hands, and with a mighty wallop, he brought the poor innocent bat down. He smacked the bat midair with his bare hand, prompting an injury report by the Spurs that said,

Player: The Bat

Injury: Knocked Out

Status: Will Not Return

Surprisingly, Manu didn’t fall after coming in contact with something mid-air, which has been a rarity for some time. Otherwise, the man would’ve dropped after trying to do this with another player in the court.

This incident has led to many news portal churning out the phrase, ‘Bats Everywhere Quiver in Fear of many.’ The mascot also tried catching the bat, but it was Manu who saved the day.