Phillies Fans Try To Set Guy In A Tree On Fire With Roman Candles: Video

Philadelphia Phillies fans sure are trying to remove themselves from the gene pool while celebrating going to the World Series, aren’t they?

First, we had the dancing man on the taxi who got swept by gravity in 4 games. Now, here’s a Phillies fan who will not let go of this tree, even if his life depends on it. And really, his life depended on it.

As the celebration roared below him, his fellow Phillies fans decided he made a fantastic target for fireworks.

I don’t know whether to applaud his perseverance for not dropping from the tree while under heavy fire, or to make fun of him for not taking an easy route to safety as he was bombarded with roman candles, so let’s just go with both.

Sir, good job not falling from that tree, but damn, you are a dumbass for letting strangers try to set you on fire.