Des Moines Marathon Delayed By Wayward Train

Over the weekend, during a Des Moines Marathon, the leading racers, Simon Sawe and David Tuwei of Kenya encountered an unexpected twist at the final turn as there was a freight train blocking their way.

At their final moment, Sawe was leading the race by seconds but since they had to wait for the lengthy train to pass for nearly a minute, both Sion and David began on an equal footing with no time advantage for either of them.

Despite the major twist caught by the Iowa Interstate Railroad, the avid racer Simon Sawe eventually won the title but not before having to endure an intense sprint to the finish.

In such cases, who was blamed? The blame for the disruption in the marathon was, of course, pinned on the Iowa Interstate Railroad as the corporation had already discussed with Marathon organizers about train operations during the race. They assured the team they wouldn’t disrupt them during the game.

Needless to say, the unexpected challenge during the race wouldn’t have been caused if there had been any accurate information¬†and coordination between race organizers and Railroad members.