Prison Inmates Use Tennis Balls To Smuggle Drugs Into New Orleans Jail

We have often heard of several stories where people use bizarre techniques to transfer stuff, especially illegal ones. And now and then we hear news of police arresting criminals caught for similar offenses.

Well, here is one such incident where the inmates at Louisiana’s Orleans Parish Prison tried quite a good trick to sneak drugs into the jail. Some of the inmates used the tennis ball wherein the illegal stuff had been filled. As per the reports, friends and family members used to fill such tennis balls and throw them inside the premises of the jail from over the fences.

As the police got a hint of the incident, they got into the depth of it arresting dozens of people involved in the offence. As per one of the stationed cops Gusman,

They make contact with the incarcerated and people inside and throw it over the jail wall. They cut the ball open and put drugs, pills, and (it’s an) easy throw to get it over the wall.

Unfortunately, the police took notice of this quite late as it had been going on for quite a long time. In fact, one of the guys named Martina Hingis showed up with a tennis ball very often. Having said that, we should appreciate the good work of the police department no matter how late they found out about the ongoing crime.