Plaxico Burress Mugshot

The former wide receiver from the New York Giants, Plaxico Burress, became part of the unfortunate incident where he shot himself in the leg. As a result of the incident, he had to serve two years of imprisonment. The incident gained quite a popularity primarily because of the recent mugshot where he seems to be quite displeased.

The incident where he pressed the handgun was completely unintentional. This not only brought the NFL player personal consequences but also he had to go through legal formalities leading to two years of imprisonment.

Plaxico Burress' Mugshot Photo
Plaxico Burress’ Mugshot Photo

The popular website Smoking Gun which is known for covering high-profile cases and legal issues is the one that released the mugshot photo. The image clearly shows a look of dissatisfaction and a somber expression on Burress’ face, which has further given rise to several speculations about the reason for his sad expression.

Unfortunately, the player has refrained from revealing any details about the incident or the reason behind the disappointment that shows on his mugshot photo.