Manly Sea Eagles Mascot Fights Fan Who Ran On The Field

The National Rugby League is known for its intense physicality. The giant brute men duke it out, just like it happens in the NFL, the only difference being that they don’t wear any safety, like helmets or whatever. Just a pure masculine way of playing the game.

So one of the NRL matches between the Warringah Sea Eagles and Newcastle Knights had a fun-filled game. So what happened was that a fan from the Sea Eagles’ side started running in the field, but wait, he’s not a pitch invader. He ran through the full stadium to catch up with the Knight’s mascot, whom he wanted to fight one-on-one.

Unfortunately, for the fan, he pick on the wrong guy to mess with. As soon as they made contact, the Mascot swiped him off his feet and tackled him viciously. Seems as if the mascot came fully prepared for such incidents.

As soon as the fan was grounded, a security guard came rushing in to stop the tussle and also subdue the invader. Well, if any of the spectators had a wish to ever see a man fight against a mascot, well, they sure had their wish fulfilled.

Besides, due to this incident the Sea Eagles were able to get an upper hand on the match as they defeated the Knights 44-20.