Adam “Pacman” Jones Makes It Rain At Minxx Strip Club In Las Vegas: Video

ESPN’s Outside The Lines obtained footage from Las Vegas on the night that several people were shot outside Minxx Gentlemen’s Club during NBA All-Star Weekend.

The video shows what we all expected to have happened inside the club: a ton of money being tossed around, Pacman Jones acting like he’s the king, and a whole lot of misogyny. Jermaine Dupri seems like a particularly classy individual, admonishing the women for trying to pick up some of the money on the stage.

What will never be truthfully known is what happened once the camera was turned off. Several people reported that Pacman Jones grabbed and hit a woman for picking up some of the $40,000 that he was raining down. Pacman was then thrown out of the club. Outside, we know that 3 people, including a bouncer and a manager at the club, were shot. Arvin Edwards will stand trial for the shootings, but given how so many stories have changed over the ensuing months (especially Pacman’s) one has to wonder what really went on that night.

Pacman Jones is not the first rich guy to “make it rain” in a strip club and/or be involved in a violent incident, nor will he be the last, but he is the poster child for what most people dislike about a lot of professional athletes. It’s hard to feel any connection with a guy who was able to drop more money in one night in $1 bills than a lot of people make in a year.