Mark Wahlberg Nails Fan In The Butt With First Pitch: Video

If there’s a list for ‘Worst Celebrity MLB First Pitches’ then Mark Wahlberg’s pitch on Monday’s Boston Red Sox match at Fenway Park will be up there. After all, the Max Payne star threw pitches with both of them almost injuring not players but the fans sitting in the stand.

The Boston native threw two pitches, one went above and beyond the reach of the catcher, straight to the stand. But wait, that’s not the neat part, the ball went on to hit a guy in the ass on its way out.

Certainly, people in the Nose bleeds were happy this time around.

The second pitch was better than Mark’s first, but it too veered over the catcher. Thankfully he didn’t throw any more pitches and went off the mound after the second pitch.

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Well, this isn’t the first time celebrities have thrown a bad pitch. Take for instance, Canadian Pop Star Carly Rae Jepsen threw a pitch so bad that it didn’t even cross the halfway line and dropped right in front of the mound.

But hey, that was to be expected from her, as someone who had not played sports in her life. However, when a sportsman appears on the mound, we expect at least a normal pitch, especially when they are called the greatest in the sport. Take, for instance, Michael Jordan, who also threw a bad pitch, despite playing the sport for two years.