Milton Bradley Forgets How Many Outs There Are, Tosses Ball Into The Stands: Video

Almost all of us make mistakes and athletes and players are no exception. Well, today we will talk about one of the American baseball players Milton Bradley of the Chicago Cubs who made quite an embarrassing mistake in his game against Minnesota Twins. The mistake was that Milton forgot the number of outs in the really crucial moment which left both the team and the audience of the match stunned by the blunder made by such a player.

The beginning of misunderstanding began when Bradley thought it was the third out instead of the second as he caught a fly ball with a runner on base. Well, unaware of the situation, he unknowingly tossed the ball into the right field bleachers at Wrigley Field. As obvious, the action gathered a bewildered reaction from the teammate. However, there was a huge cheer from the audience as they realized the mistake made by the player.

Well, the mistake definitely proved to be costly for the Cubs as they lost the game. Because of the loss in the given match, the team pushed back to a .500 win-loss record. Needless to say, all the fans who were expecting a good season for their team were quite disappointed by the result.

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