Hugging Chris Young: Fan Runs On Field To Show CY Some Love: Video

To put it bluntly, Chris Young of the Arizona Diamondbacks has had a horrendous season. At a point in his career when everyone expected him to be steadily improving, he has instead regressed and has become the worst everyday player in baseball.

After the season he has been through so far, including an 0-for-3 performance with botched fly-ball tonight against the Giants, Chris Young clearly needs a hug.

And a hug is precisely what he got from a young female fan during the 9th inning. With Randy Winn at the plate, a woman ran down on the field, hugged Chris Young, then tried hiding behind him so security guards couldn’t get her.

The amused Young held his arms up to let a security guard capture her, and the guard then ran her to the bullpen while holding her by the neck.

The announcers for the Giants on CSN remarked that she will definitely be cited for trespassing, but ignored her true crime: wearing a t-shirt supporting a guy who is hitting.