Washington Nationals Can’t Get Tarp On The Field, Fans Have To Come Help: Video

In 2009, the Washington Nationals’ season earned the comical yet unfortunate motto “FAIL,” with another mishap unfolding during a rain delay against the Philadelphia Phillies at Nationals Park. The grounds crew who was covering the field with a tarp came across a difficult challenge. Despite the fact that they tried their best, the crew couldn’t get the required amount of air under the tarp, leaving it stuck to the rain-soaked field.

To rescue from the incident, a few fans walked down the field and assisted the crew. Well, after a few minutes of strategic hard work and a collective effort from the crew and fans alike, they finally covered the infield, earning an ovation from the amused 12 remaining spectators.

Though the crew and the fans worked hard enough to save the field from getting wet for the next game, the effort went in vain as the game was later called off since the field was not dry enough. The Phillies were declared 7-5 winners after just six innings.

Well, such mishaps are quite common, and in this case, the rain favored one team and harmed the other.