Comedian Frank Mirahmadi Calls Entire Horse Race Using Impressions: Video

The comedian and horse announcer, Frank Mirahmadi who is also pretty good at mimicking people, was the announcer at Turf Paradise in Phoenix, Arizona.

During the Hasta La Vista Handicap, the announcer did something interesting, calling the entire race using impressions instead of just anchoring in his normal voice. There were almost 2 dozen different people when Frank announced the whole race.

It was, of course, a bit of fun and entertaining for the audience. During the horse race, Mirahmmadi actually did a mimic of a variety of people; some of them were extremely good and imitated closely, whereas a few others were average and some might be spot on if you’re in your 70s and have any idea who the people are.

Here is the complete list of people whom Mirahmadi mimicked during the call of the race:

  1. Marv Albert
  2. Tony Calo
  3. Mark Johnson
  4. Richard Grunder
  5. Michael Wrona
  6. Larry Collmus
  7. Keith Jones
  8. Dick Stockton
  9. Jack Buck
  10. Hank Stram
  11. Phil Georgeff
  12. Dave Johnson
  13. Robert DeNiro
  14. Marlon Brando
  15. Andy Rooney
  16. D. Wayne Lukas
  17. Mike Battaglia
  18. Vic Stauffer
  19. Rodney Dangerfield
  20. Trevor Denman
  21. Ed Burgart

With the comedian and actor Frank Caliendo losing much of his comedic content due to John Madden & George W. Bush, vanishing from the mainstream and losing his role in Frank TV, let’s hope He doesn’t see this and get any new ideas to make his comeback.