Dallas Cowboys Practice Facility Collapse: Video

A severe storm caused the team’s inflatable practice facility to collapse during the Dallas Cowboys rookie camp. The plastic bubble succumbed to strong winds and heavy rain, leading to a chaotic scene. Notably, a Cowboys player’s quick thinking to remove his helmet as the structure collapsed likely averted additional injury.

The aftermath of the event was unanticipated. Rich Behm, a scouting assistant for the Cowboys, has been declared permanently paralyzed from the waist down due to a broken back and severed spine suffered during the collapse. Furthermore, Joe DeCamillis, the special teams coach, sustained a broken vertebra in his neck and is scheduled for surgery tomorrow. Assistant athletic trainer Greg Gaither also suffered injuries, breaking his leg.

The accident resulted in several crucial questions: How secure are these inflatable practice domes, and should teams continue to utilize them? Many professional and college teams employ such structures to facilitate practice in inclement weather. Well, unfortunately, this is not the first time an accident of its kind. Previously, Arizona State’s practice facility resulted in a similar collapse during a monsoon storm. Luckily, on that occasion, no injuries occurred as the facility was unoccupied at the time.

While a single collapse might be dismissed as an isolated incident, a second incident causing significant harm and permanently altering lives demands a serious reconsideration of the safety of these inflatable practice domes. Teams across various levels of competition may need to reassess the viability of these structures in ensuring the well-being of their players and staff.