German Soccer Team Energie Cottbus Refunds Money To Fans After Sucking Against Schalke 04

When Energie Cottbus suffered a tough 4-0 defeat against Schalke 04, even the most dedicated fans reached their breaking point. A total of 600 supporters had made the arduous journey of almost 400 miles from Cottbus to Gelsenkirchen, only to witness their team’s disappointing performance, marking the sixth loss in the last seven matches.

Acknowledging the palpable disappointment, the Bundesliga club took an unusual step by refunding money to the disheartened fans. In a press release charmingly titled ‘Sorry,’ the club officially communicated their regret for the ‘pitiful performance’ at the Veltins Arena. This gesture of refunding the admission cost was a heartfelt apology to the loyal supporters who had invested both time and money to cheer for their team.

The press release not only recognized the frustration among the fanbase but also added a touch of humor. In a cheeky remark, the team hinted at the possibility of offering season ticket refunds, given their overall poor performance throughout the season. This playful acknowledgment reflects a level of self-awareness within the management, recognizing the team’s struggles and the importance of significant improvement to regain the trust and support of their devoted fans.”